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Readers Respond: How Long Should It Take to Design a Logo

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From the article: Logo Design
In a comment on a blog post about designing logos one reader writes, "In my opinion, a professional who takes months to design a logo is not a professional." It's one reason, possibly, that many people turn to logo contests, logo factories, and non-professional designers who may charge less and do logos faster. What's your opinion on this? In addition to all the other rules and best practices in logo design, is there an optimum amount of time it should take to design a logo? Is weeks and months unreasonable? How long does it take YOU to design a logo? Share Your Thoughts


logos take time, but many people just can't comprehend that. They think something that's tiny should be done in 15mins.... they dont see the importance of a logo and how it should be able represents a company and they also believe that it shouldn't cost much ....it's crazy.
—Guest mykal

Instant Mashed Potatos

A logo should only take 5 minutes according to the b------t that people expect from a designer. DOn't want to pay someone for their time when it takes nothing but to really create something worthwhile. So, a crap company should have a crap logo- it will only help expedite the process of their eventual filing for bankruptcy. I bet they don't expect to be paying their employees a damn either.
—Guest Sarcastic

20mins was expected

I was told in an interview I was expected to create logo's in 20mins to 1 hour for products and their website. needless to say I walked out of the interview. 3days to one week
—Guest cc

It Depends on the Client & Designer

I am in the middle of a project & it's going on a Week 1/2 now. The reason? My client wants to micro-manage the project instead of relying on my expert advice and years of experience and research, it is very fun for my client to think about different elements and experiment while having me design those ideas to his hearts content only to turn around and change his mind. I have shown three groups of logos throughout the project & I don't have to tell you how much work that is if you take all the elements of a business into consideration to make the right choice while trying to please your client. I have been educating my client about what makes an effective Logo for a business & the importance of the conceptual idea of how powerful and useful a Logo should be in representing the business as it is the face and public speaker. So no, I don't think you can develop a Logo in an hour.
—Guest Liza


I've studied design for two years, but want to increase my tempo to improve my profitability and create a portfolio with much work. Today I designed 5 logos from sketch to vector and sketched two logos. Of the 5 logos I've finished, 3 look good (but need some adjustments to go into my 'folio), one looks good, but is way too anonymous and doesn't adhere to the brief. The last one looks like a sketch. Of the two logos I've finished sketching, one of them is going to be really good. (custom typo) Yesterday I made three logos. One looks good, one looks ok, one looks well so so, but would (possibly) serve its purpose. The day before that I made one logo which I really like! So.. it depends on the purpose. For a startup a cheap design might work.... But(!) the cheap designs almost always have flaws. Sometimes big, sometimes small. It is a gamble. And as a design-novice you will not be able to recognize the flaws unless you do some research. Or just spend more money for a quality design
—Guest SimsalaBim

2 hr logo design

Generally I copy and paste stock vector images, sometimes I re-use vectors from client to client; most start-ups don't las anyway, so who's guna notice right? Also I'm not too concerned about what the companies do, because I charge $25 a logo, so realistically I can only spend 1-2hrs making before its no longer profitable. I'm also not too concerned about how the logos work in varying applications, like how it looks on various colors and backgrounds. I'm also not very interested in creative guidelines for the usage of the logo either.
—Guest 2hr logo designer

It Depends

It all depends on the complexity of the design and how much the client is willing to pay. If the client wants something that is going to stand out from all the other competition than this involves quite a bit of time and research on the designers part. Trial and experimental designs are done first before a designer can come up with the perfect solution/ design for the clients needs. I think a proper designer will take some time putting alot of thought into it and sometimes the perfect idea or concept does not happen over night. It could take a couple days or even a week but i say no longer than a week. If it is longer than the designer is not putting enough effort or thought into it. As they say " Rome was not built in one day" Karen C
—Guest Karen C

Logo time depends by you and client

In my opinion it depends on the client as Janet says and on the designer's talent and education as Rafael said. I remember when I was still learning it took me much more time to finish a logo, but now I can make it for 3 days to 2 weeks. If the company is large and desires very special elements in it it certainly takes more time. But I really don't see why you should lose months for a logo when the logo is a simple task you have been asked for and does not contain so much details as in a website or illustration. Although all of the above conclusions the logo is the main feature of the company that will lead it to its success. That's why we should be careful when we create it and think first.
—Guest Gioradi

It depends

It depends on the graphics designer and the client. Some graphic designers have a different way of thinking and follow their intuition together with research. Some clients may not need as much spirit put into their logo, most of them aren't graphically gifted and a snazzy logo does it, others do not want to spend so much for their logos so they run with the logo they have had designed for them until their economy allows a retouch. I'd estimate between 3 (days if you get it straight away) and 6 days for small businesses. Bigger businesses I estimate will give you 1-3 weeks because those will allow you to really think over what you will be designing and let you do your research. My two krona.
—Guest FormicaVirus

you get what you pay for...

...just like this article....it was free on a google search...and it is the most misinformed piece of crap article i have ever read..........any trained, experienced, professional graphic designer/art director that tells you you will have a completely finished logo in a day or two......is either unemployed and has nothing but your logo going on OR is not a very good designer [Guide edit: It is unclear what article is being called crap and what writer is being called an idiot by this guest poster. Did they mean the blog post linked on this page (mine), the main article linked from the blog post (by Jacob Cass), a different article linked in the blog post (various authors), the comment referenced in the intro to this page and the main subject of this page (by a reader of this site) or something another reader has posted here? Quite a few of them are more or less on the same side as this Guest. Oh well. Take your pick.)
—Guest this writer is an idiot


It depends on the Designer's talents and education. Chances are a non professional will take less than a week, for an accredited Designer, less then a week of dedicated work is irresponsible. A month should be fine.
—Guest Rafael Gonzalez

this is bull****

This is all bull****. 2 hours to design a logo? are you insane!? logos are meant to be simple yes, but they have to embody the company as a whole. One symbol or typeface that represents SO MUCH MORE is not thought up in 15 minutes. It takes time! this article is bull****.
—Guest designer

LOGO The First introduction

Logo is the First Introduction of the Concerned Company, so, it hardly matters that how long it will take to design a logo. Once you are in depth of it, can take just one hour or can take one month. But the matter of fact is logo must reveals if it is cocern with hard automobile company or Stylish designer clothes etc.
—Guest Indu Mehra

3 Rounds

In my experience, it takes 3 rounds of design to get close to an effective logo design. Pre-first round is research. Then first round is sketches, second round 1st mac versions, 3rd round is narrowed down options. After that you should be close to the chosen design.

How Long, Logo?

From the point of view of an editor-cum-graphic artist with 40 years in harness, a logo design is never finished, though you might start using it when it's good enough. The question is about the difference between quality work and work finished by deadline.
—Guest Gene Pitts

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How Long Should It Take to Design a Logo

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