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Readers Respond: How Long Should It Take to Design a Logo

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From the article: Logo Design
In a comment on a blog post about designing logos one reader writes, "In my opinion, a professional who takes months to design a logo is not a professional." It's one reason, possibly, that many people turn to logo contests, logo factories, and non-professional designers who may charge less and do logos faster. What's your opinion on this? In addition to all the other rules and best practices in logo design, is there an optimum amount of time it should take to design a logo? Is weeks and months unreasonable? How long does it take YOU to design a logo?


logos take time, but many people just can't comprehend that. They think something that's tiny should be done in 15mins.... they dont see the importance of a logo and how it should be able represents a company and they also believe that it shouldn't cost much ....it's crazy.
—Guest mykal

build a house-1 day fix a car in 60 sec

What is a Nike Logo worth? an Apple Logo? IBM logo? what do you think companies paid? A great logo adds value to all these brands in many millions of $$$. Why any company would settle for an inferior logo is beyond me. Why they would trust their logo to anyone with low ball prices is beyond me. Would you let a novice wire your house? Fix your car? -- Yet you would do that for graphic design. Most designers have 4-year degrees from Design Schools and have spent many years in the field to gain their qualifications. It's really the thinking and client consultation that takes place first--before any design is done--that creates great logos. A cheap logo will probably be a knockoff of someone elses. Heart surgery anyone? I've got a few minutes?
—Guest Graphic Designer

LOGO The First introduction

Logo is the First Introduction of the Concerned Company, so, it hardly matters that how long it will take to design a logo. Once you are in depth of it, can take just one hour or can take one month. But the matter of fact is logo must reveals if it is cocern with hard automobile company or Stylish designer clothes etc.
—Guest Indu Mehra

3 Rounds

In my experience, it takes 3 rounds of design to get close to an effective logo design. Pre-first round is research. Then first round is sketches, second round 1st mac versions, 3rd round is narrowed down options. After that you should be close to the chosen design.

How Long, Logo?

From the point of view of an editor-cum-graphic artist with 40 years in harness, a logo design is never finished, though you might start using it when it's good enough. The question is about the difference between quality work and work finished by deadline.
—Guest Gene Pitts

Logo design

It should not take that long to design a logo. As with anything else, you have the information you need ahead of time about your clients' type of business, corporate colors, etc. Once you and he or she decide on whether to go with a logo-type, a graphic element, or both, it should take no more than a day or two - maybe longer than that in some cases, but certainly not weeks or months. As for not putting enough thought into it, if you know the principles of design, and if you have good aesthetic judgment, there's nothing "too good to be true" about getting a job done in a reasonable amount of time. It's your job - if you're good at what you do, don't waste the customer's time and money. Some of the best and most memorable logos are very simple in design. The purpose of logos is identity. Simplicity is the key. If you want to create a masterpiece, take all the time you need, but then don't wonder why you might be a "starving artist."
—Guest Jim

Two hours at most

With my little experience in graphics and logo design I think 2 Hours at most should be enough for a professional graphic artist to design, edit and ok a logo design. Thanks
—Guest mmacographics

It depends on the client

It could take months to design a logo for a large company. Especially if there is a committee that has to approve each level of design concepts. But often I have clients come with dire need before some sort of conference. And these are usually small companies with a small budget. Still, it does take a few days to do research and still a few days to sketch ideas out before I can even get to a stage to have something to show the client. Two weeks is my minimum and that can easily turn into a month-long process. Anything less than that the client isn't getting what they deserve. I also have a minimum cost for logos that is much higher than many online logo sources. That weeds out some. A company logo is its first foot in a door and the last to remain (hopefully) on the customer's mind. It's worth putting more than a few cents into it.
—Guest Janet D

More than a day

I'm not sure if months is unreasonable but I would be very very suspicious of anyone that promised a logo in 24 hrs or even 48. It takes me at least that long to research the company and industry and sketch out some very rough ideas-too rough to show a client. If text is included it can take days of experimenting with fonts. Even if there are specific colors required it can take a lot of trial and error to find the right amount of color and the right placement. Faster is not better.
—Guest Penny
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