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Do Colorful Desktop Publishing

Fine-tune Your Color Combos

Color is a big topic but to get you started, learn the difference between color on screen and in print and how to use the color wheel to choose color combinations.

Using Color
Desktop Publishing Spotlight10


Whether or not you are the one writing headlines, as a designer learn how to format better headlines.

Monospaced Fonts

Monospaced fonts may have originated with typewriters but they have several uses in today's desktop publishing.


Grouping is a way of creating order, a visual hierarchy, and interest when doing page layout in print or on screen.

How Do You Punctuate a Quote Used as a Headline?

If you write an article title that is a direct quote, what kind of punctuation do you use? Here are some suggestions.

How to Make Desktop Publishing Fun

Desktop publishing can be fun to learn and do. Try these ideas for fun projects and a relaxed approach to learning to use desktop publishing software.


In graphic design, cognition involves creating page layouts that meet the expectations of our audience. Our design choices can create designs that resonate with viewers or create conflict.

Stop and Think About Why You Need It

...trying to improve driver behavior through better signage is as futile as fighting illiteracy with better fonts. -- Tom Vanderbilt for Slate.com In this

Know Desktop Publishing, Get a Job

Excellent DTP knowledge prized by employers having to quickly fill vacant jobs. That's a pangram that I wrote a few years back. At the time I was thinking of

Page Composition Best Practices Tip #7: Emphasis

Value of Eye Appeal in Document Design

Visual appeal of a document is not dependent on the features of the software used to create it. It's the designer who can make or break a design.

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