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How to Make a Greeting Card

Make your own greeting card

Spend hours (and hours) browsing the greeting cards in the store then plop down three or four dollars for a single card or make the perfect custom card yourself? You can do it.

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Page Composition Best Practices
Tip #3: Balance

Sunday April 20, 2014

Keep Odd or Even Elements in Balance.

The number of text and graphic elements you use on a page and how you arrange them can support the overall intended tone of your document whether you want to appear formal, traditional, and authoritative or informal, lively, and friendly -- or something in between.


Not hard and fast rules but in general:

Learn more about balance.

Page Composition Best Practices
Tip #7: Emphasis

Friday April 18, 2014

Emphasize Differences Between Design Elements.

Repetition and consistent use of alignment, colors, and other elements is generally good for a layout. But the use of differences can work well too.

Use emphasis to create a focal point

A bold word, a splash of color, and an over-sized image are just some ways to emphasize what is important on the page. Learn more about how to use emphasis to create a focal point, draw attention.

Let's Review: Top 7 Page Composition Tips

Is Your Design Balanced?

Wednesday April 16, 2014

There are many ways to apply the principle of balance to our pages. A good balance of text and images. A balance of light and dark areas.  A balance of primary, secondary, and tertiary information. Balance doesn't mean you have to have the same amount of each type of information or design element. You can have more pictures than text or more white space than images.  Balance is about arranging your text and images so that the page doesn't seem out-of-whack or lop-sided.  Balance helps to keep the eye on the page or on the most important information. Learn from these lessons on the principle of balance.

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Page Composition Best Practices
Tip #2: Visuals

Sunday April 13, 2014

Select a Single Visual or Make Strong Visual Connections.

A single visual can create greater impact than a bunch of visuals that are all competing for attention.

visual cues

Don't be wimpy either. Make it a big, strong, dominant element of the page. Or, when using multiple images, tie them together by style or placement or some other method that gives them a connection, so they form a single visual unit. Learn more about using fewer images or combining multiple images (works with more than just mug shots).

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