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PrintMaster New Version Confusing, With Fewer Features

Reader Reviews: PrintMaster

User Rating 1 Star Rating

By Marian


Version of PrintMaster You're Reviewing: 


Mac or Windows?: 


How Long Have You Used PrintMaster (any)? 

Over 5 years

#1 Reason You Bought PrintMaster 

Other (explain below)

Other Reason for Buying PrintMaster 

Have used several earlier versions successfully

Rate the Overall Ease of Use: 

Somewhat Confusing/Difficult

#1 Strength in This Version 


#1 Weakness in This Version 

Not user-friendly. If this were my first time using Printmaster I would be completely lost. As it is, it might as well be my first time for as confusing as it is.

My Review 

Posters are impossible! Not even a selection for posters. Features on the older versions are not on this one. Why eliminate features? Shouldn't you just be adding? features? hy so many changes to the way you do things? Just make the previous versions we are used to using, only better. Don't give us a totally new program. I hate this version and will complain to anyone who listens. But guess what? I can't find a way to complain to Printmaster.

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