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PrintMaster Name Forever Ruined

Reader Reviews: PrintMaster

User Rating 1 Star Rating

By heartfelt


Version of PrintMaster You're Reviewing: 

Printmaster 12 Platinum

Mac or Windows?: 


How Long Have You Used PrintMaster (any)? 

Over 5 years

#1 Reason You Bought PrintMaster 

Other (explain below)

Other Reason for Buying PrintMaster 

Familiar with PRINTMASTER name

Rate the Overall Ease of Use: 

Somewhat Confusing/Difficult

#1 Strength in This Version 

Somewhat difficult to use? What an understatment. It is useless. Time consuming, can't do anything with ease or speed, not even remotely like other versions

#1 Weakness in This Version 


My Review 

I cannot even believe this is still being sold to people. This is by far the worst product I have ever purchased. I am backed on this by unbelievably poor ratings on this program and could tell when I called them on it. The rude customer service person, not wanting to hear what I could tell she was tired of hearing, that this program is awful

I have purchased many Printmaster programs on a regular basis over the years and was always able to deal with the shortcomings I may have found in them .Well guess what, not anymore. I don't care who made it, Encore, Broderbund whoever, it is the PRINTMASTER name that sold this to me and that same name I will not buy from again. Printmaster has to know of these incredibly bad ratings this program has recieved, yet do nothing to give customers satisfaction, and even continue to SELL it! They have lost my business for good because this says something about PRINTMASTER. I could not get any money back because I purchased this because of a limited time email sale and didn't actually try to use it until a couple months later.

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