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Microsoft Word Tips and Tutorials

Tech support, tips, and tutorials for Microsoft Word software especially instructions for doing fancy or complex layouts and desktop publishing with Word.
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Microsoft Word is Not Desktop Publishing Software
Microsoft Word has its uses but it's not a page layout program. If you are going to use it as such be prepared for the problems associated with it.

Create a Certificate of Recognition in Microsoft Word
Use one of my templates then add your own personalized text and dress it up with a gold ribbon seal that you make in Word. Here are the templates and the step-by-step instructions.

Microsoft Word 2010 Overview
What's new and what's improved and what you can do with Microsoft Word 2010.

PC World Word Processing

Beautify Documents With Vertical Justification
Learn how to use vertical justification to keep the bottoms of adjacent columns even and eliminate some widow and orphan problems.

Do Desktop Publishing With Word
While Microsoft Word is still first and foremost a word processor, it is frequently used to create publications normally created by page layout programs. For some users, it may be the only desktop publishing tool they need. Designers may cringe at the thought of designing in a word processor, but within reason it is possible.

How Do YOU Do Desktop Publishing With Microsoft Word?
It's not desktop publishing software. Nevertheless, it is often used for designing and printing brochures, letterhead, business cards, newsletters, and other kinds of documents that generally thought of us as graphic design projects done with desktop publishing software. Share your stories and advice on doing desktop publishing with Word.

Don't Do Desktop Publishing With Word
Microsoft Word is able to create complex layouts for brochures or newsletters that print great to your desktop printer but it is not a true desktop publishing program. More significantly, Microsoft Word is not designed for creating digital files for commercial printing.

Get Charts Graphs into Desktop Publishing Apps
How to get your charts or graphs out of Microsoft Office and into a page layout program such as PageMaker or QuarkXPress.

Get WordArt into a Desktop Publishing Application
How to get your word art out of Microsoft Office and into a page layout program such as PageMaker or QuarkXPress.

Microsoft Word and CMYK Images - Using Microsoft Word for Commercial Color...
One of the biggest problems encountered in trying to have material offset printed is customers using Microsoft Word to submit files. A large part of the problem is its lack of support for CMYK images.

Set Up New Document in Microsoft Word for Use With Certificate Template
Part of a tutorial on creating a certificate of recognition in Word, this part deals with page orientation, margins, and text wrap.

Ten Top Word Tips
Jim Welp has a reverse order listing of his favorite timesaving Microsoft Word tips.

Add Personalized Text to Certificate Template in Microsoft Word
Part of tutorial on creating a certificate in Word, this portion deals with creating text boxes and formatting the text.

Create a Gold Seal With Ribbons in Microsoft Word 2010
Use basic shapes and text effects to create a nice looking seal that you can place on a certificate, diploma, brochure, poster, or other document.

Print Your Certificate of Recognition From Microsoft Word 2010
Preview, proofread, pick a pretty parchment paper, and print.

Mailserv - bit.mailserv.word-pc
Join a newsgroup for discussing Word.

Nail it Now - Getting Started - CONFIDENCE Builder
Study a series of free online tutorials especially for those just learning Microsoft Word. Lots of pictures and step-by-step instructions to get you up and writing with Word.

Nerdy Books - Tip of the Day
Get a dose of daily tips, tricks, and shortcuts for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Prime Consulting - PRIME FAQs
Covers a variety of Word versions and harder to find questions/answers. Examples include How to Resolve Scaling Problems with Excel Chart Objects Embedded in Word and Rescuing Lost AutoCorrect Entries When You Upgrade from Word 6 to Word 7 (Office 95).

Usenet - comp.os.ms-windows.apps.word-proc
Read a Usenet group for MS Word (Windows).

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