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Templates for Print and Web Publishing


Find all kinds of templates for your print and Web publishing projects. Print your own calendars. Make your own envelopes. Get templates to jumpstart your design projects in InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Use free templates for business documents and fun craft projects.
  1. How To Use Templates
  2. For Business Use
  3. For Teachers and Students
  4. For Crafts / Personal Projects
  1. For Holidays and Special Occasions
  2. For Web & Email
  3. For Specific Software

How To Use Templates

Raw template and Ad Using Said Template

A template is a master copy of a publication used as a starting point to design new documents. A template may be as simple as a blank document in the desired size and orientation or as elaborate as a nearly complete design with placeholder text, fonts, and graphics that need only a small amount of customization of text.

For Business Use

HP Business Identity Kits for Microsoft Publisher

Create a unified business identity using templates for business cards, letterhead, forms, and business presentations.

For Teachers and Students

Mactopia Microsoft Word Schedule Templates

Look here for templates to for the classroom, academic calendars, school reports, schedules, and more.

For Crafts / Personal Projects

Sampling of Envelope Templates at Creative Park

Create greeting cards from free printable templates. Use templates to design home organization charts, multimedia presentations for family events, and print calendars to color with the kids.

For Holidays and Special Occasions

Holiday greeting card templates by Jacci

Make gift tags, Halloween decorations, and Wedding invitations with these templates with a holiday or special event theme.

For Web & Email

Speed up or simplify the design of a Web site or blog with templates. Find one-, two-, and three-column layouts. Get XHTML and CSS templates or ones designed around specific color themes. Find WordPress and Blogger templates. Dress up your email with stationary for everyday use and special occasions.

For Specific Software

From Adobe to Word, find templates to use in your favorite software. Some templates for one program may also be usable in other programs. Check the format to be sure.

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