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Supplies You Need

From Jacci Howard Bear

Dress up your words with fancy fonts. Illustrate your words with pretty pictures. Organize your words with tasteful templates. Desktop publishing utilizes fonts, images, and templates to create attractive page layouts. Find type foundries and free fonts, commercial image vendors, free clip art or stock photos for print, templates for the major desktop publishing software programs, and other cool tools and essential supplies for use in desktop publishing. Just pick the category from those listed on this page to start your exploration.
  1. Software and Hardware (722)
  2. Rulers, Guides, Charts (11)
  3. Find Fonts (479)
  4. Find Pictures (216)
  5. Find Templates (126)
  6. Cloud Computing (30)

What Supplies Do You Need to Do Desktop Publishing?
You'll need software. Beyond that, the supplies needed for desktop publishing varies. Here's my list.

Readers Respond: Your Favorite Desktop Publishing Supplies or Extras
Designers offer up their suggestions on cool extras and absolute essentials. What's Your Must-Have?

Pick Your Path to Learning About Desktop Publishing
The path to everything you need to know about desktop publishing. A topical index to this site.

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