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Scribus Tutorials

Learn to use the free Scribus desktop publishing software


Scribus is a free desktop publishing application that's been compared to InDesign, much like The GIMP has been compared to Photoshop and OpenOffice compared to Microsoft Office. It's free and powerful. However, if you've never used professional page layout applications, it can be a bit overwhelming when you first open it up and try to create something. Scribus tutorials may not be quite as plentiful as those for InDesign or QuarkXPress but they are out there. I've rounded up some tutorials and a Scribus manual that I think you may find useful in getting up and running quickly with Scribus.

 Scribus 1.4+ for Mac, Linux, Windows (Download)

Demonstration Using Scribus

Scribus tutorial video
Scribus tutorial video: jasonscottpage/youtube.com snip

This is a quick moving overview that simply lets you get a feel for how you'll be using Scribus. Take a couple of minutes (it's only 2:02 long) to watch this if you've never seen Scribus in action.

Scribus Desktop Publishing Videos

Scribus Tutorial Videos: ShowMeDo snip
Scribus Tutorial Videos: ShowMeDo snip

This is a very nicely done series of Scribus tutorials on videos at Showmedo. These are the tutorials you want to watch if you really want to dig into the program beyond the basics but with a little video guidance. There are 28 videos that begin with an introduction and then proceed to separate videos on working with text, working with images, working with layers, levels, styles, columns, shapes, tables, templates, links, and much more. The instructor speaks slowly and clearly (sometimes a little too slowly) and the screen shots are nice and clear. If you've downloaded Scribus but find it a little intimidating, these videos should help a lot.

Scribus Video Tutorials

Scribus Video Tutorials: Scribus Wiki snip
Scribus Video Tutorials: Scribus Wiki snip

This wiki offers several video Scribus tutorials and some text instructions on styles, lists, drop caps, text frames, page numbers, text effects, and other common tasks done in Scribus. The videos are in Theora/Ogg format so you may need to refer to these instructions before viewing them.

Get Started With Scribus

Scribus Documentation: Beginner's Tutorial
Scribus Documentation: Beginner's Tutorial

This online Scribus tutorial at the Scribus Wiki covers installation, basics, importing, exporting, printing, and color management.

Course: Get Started with Scribus

Scribus Course: Open-of-Course
Scribus Course: Open-of-Course

During the course of this Open-of-Course Scribus tutorial with screen shots you learn the features of Scribus while creating several pages of a magazine. You''ll be learning not only how to use Scribus desktop publishing software but a lot about desktop publishing and printing in general.

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