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Software and Hardware for Desktop Publishing

Find, choose, and use page layout and other desktop publishing software including cross-platform solutions, desktop publishing software for kids, and font utilities. Locate industry-standard desktop publishing programs from Adobe, Corel, and Quark as well as consumer titles, budget bundles, and specialty software for graphics and design.

Computer hardware needed by desktop publishers includes digital cameras, monitors, printers, scanners, and other peripherals. Get help in choosing between Mac or PC/Windows platforms and selecting the best hardware components doing design and graphics work.
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Design Software
With the right design software you can create almost any print or Web project imaginable. Discover which programs are the best for different types of design work.

8 Ways to Save Money on Desktop Publishing Software
You could spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on professional desktop publishing software. But many of the top programs are overkill for a lot of individuals. Whether you want it free or just want to pay less for the best programs, check out these ways to spend less and save money when you need to do desktop publishing.

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