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Holiday Font Borders


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Holly Borders
Holly Borders

Holly Borders in B/W and Colorized

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Make your own Christmas stationery or dress up fliers and invitations with these Holly borders made from dingbat fonts.

These holly borders come in both WMF (Windows MetaFile) and AI (Adobe Illustrator) formats. These vector graphics formats allow you to resize the images without distortion (no jaggies!). You will need a page layout or graphics programs that supports one of these formats.

  • A black & white full holly border [WMF] [AI]
  • A color full holly border [WMF (ZIP)] [AI]
  • A color partial holly frame [WMF] [AI]
  • 1 holly leaf clip art or corner piece [WMF] [AI]
  • 3 holly leaves clip art or corner piece [WMF] [AI]

Warning:WMF files are very large.

You could create your own borders with dingbat fonts following these basic instructions:

  1. Open a vector graphics program (CorelDRAW, Illustrator, etc.)
  2. Select the Text pointer
  3. Choose a dingbat font
  4. Type characters at different sizes until you find the one you want
  5. Convert to curves then edit the character to change colors or other features
  6. Repeat (copy and paste) image one after the other around the page to create your frame
  7. Save your frame in a vector format such as EPS, WMF, or AI

Download holiday.zip (385K) The archive contains all the holly and snowflake borders except holly2.wmf (holly2.zip) and Holly Web page graphics.

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