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Christmas Project Ideas, Templates, Clip Art


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Everything You Need for a Do-It-Yourself Christmas
Jacci's Christmas Clip Art and Holiday Templates

Spread Holiday Cheer with projects you make from these free templates, fonts, and clip art.

Images by Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com (that's me!)

Print gift tags or holiday cards. Decorate your Web page with Christmas artwork. Get into the holiday spirit with free templates, borders, Web clip art, alphabets, and other free Christmas project ideas. The first five pages (after this one) have the fonts and clip art. Then the next few pages offer up more Christmas and Winter Holiday project ideas, suggestions, and resources for your custom greeting cards and gifts.


  1. This page
  2. Snow-Capped Fonts and Web Alphabet
  3. Snowmen and Christmas Trees Clip Art
  4. Cards and Envelope Templates
  5. Oversized Gift Tag Templates
  6. Holiday Page Frames and Borders Artwork
  7. NEW: Printable Holiday Stationery


More Holiday Projects

Holiday Supplies From About.com Graphics Software

Free Christmas Graphics From About.com Clip Art

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