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Scanning Tutorials for Image and Document Scanning

One way to get graphics and text into a computer is with a scanner. Learn how scanners work, get scanning software, and find tutorials on all aspects of image scanning, document scanning - including OCR - and using a scanner effectively for black and white and color scanning.
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Using Your Digital Camera as a Scanner
There was a time when having a scanner, especially a high-resolution flatbed scanner, was an essential piece of office equipment for desktop publishing and graphic design. Today, digital cameras can often take the place of a scanner.

Books on Scanning
Whether you just want to scan family photos to put on the Web or need exacting results for commercial printing, one of these books on the science and art of scanning can improve your technique and give good to great results from almost any scanner.

Scanning and Resolution Tips
Easy-to-remember guidelines that aren't necessarily hard-and-fast rules or scientific formulas but more than just a dumb guess. These tips cover printing and production for desktop publishing projects.

Scanning Black and White Line Art - Three Methods of Scanning Line Art
Learn how to properly scan line art with this step-by-step illustrated tutoroial three methods of scanning black and white and grayscale images.

Calibrate Your Scanner to Get Better Scans
If you have trouble getting scans that look right, the problem may not be with your scanning technique. Calibrating your scanner can go a long way toward insuring that what you scan and what you see on-screen and what you print are all the same.

Getting Started Scanning
Tutorials from Graphics Software Guide Sue Chastain describe scanning for email and the Web and how to print scanned photos.

What is TWAIN?
No, not Shania. Graphics Software Guide Sue Chastain explains what this scanning-related technology without an interesting name really is (and what it's name really isn't).

Getting Great Looking Line Art from Not-so-great Sources
Luisa Simone shows you how to get better scans from poor originals and how to clean up the images after scanning.

HP Scanning Tips
This excerpt from Color Scanning Handbook has good tips for scanning line art, halftones, and greyscale images.

Planning for Scanning
David Morgenstern has some steps to take to insure better scans including cleaning and calibration.

Scan and Color
Correct color during or after scanning? A look at the pros and cons at creativepro.com.

Scanning for Fax
Best ways to scan images for faxing; from Wayne Fulton.

Simple Way to Get Better Scans
Wayne Fulton explains how to set the black and white points; lots of other little scanning tips too.

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