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Create a Cute Baby Business Card Birth Announcement in Microsoft Publisher


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Templates for This Tutorial
Get the templates for these Cute Baby Business Cards.

Get the templates for these Cute Baby Business Cards.

Design © Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com; includes free vectors at All Vectors; CC BY 3.0
The Cute Baby Business Cards pictured above were created as part of a Microsoft Publisher 2010 tutorial. See the previous 14 pages of this document.

The baby images used in this template are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0). See the FAQ here for usage requirements. The two babies are part of a Baby Vector .eps image with several poses available from Allvectors.com. Download the .eps image from Allvectors.com and see the proceeding tutorial for how to modify this template.


This template does not contain the complete Baby Vector .eps image. What you will find in the template are two images I extracted from the larger illustration, saved as PNG files, and inserted into the template. There are 3 pages. Page 1 contains information about the template (what is written above). Page 2 is version 1 of the birth announcement. Page 3 is version 2 of the birth announcement. Edit the text, inserting your own personalized information.

Download: CuteBabyBusinessCards.pub

Fonts for Baby Announcements

Freestyle Script and BruceOldStyle BT were used in the template. Substitute whatever fonts you like. Some free font suggestions for the baby name:
  • Scriptina has light, airy flowing strokes. It can be fancy without overpowering the illustration.
  • Noodle Script has thicker strokes, a bit like the Freestyle Script in the examples, but is upright.
  • Angelica has a few halos for your little angel. It's an irregular serif font with curls.
  • Matilde is a free OpenType font with tiny little curls and short serifs.
Stick with a nice basic serif or sans serif body text font for the rest of the card.

Images for Baby Announcements

You could put an actual picture of your newborn on the card if you have one ready in a hurry (this card is really designed as something to hand out right away before spending time processing photos). Some other clip art options:

Tutorial Steps

  1. Introduction
  2. Choose a Template
  3. Set Margins
  4. Add a Border
  5. Import Picture
  6. Crop Picture
  7. Position and Re-size Picture
  8. Add Text
  9. Add Text in Columns
  10. Format Bullet List
  11. Fine-tune Layout of Card #1
  12. Create Duplicate; Clear Cropping
  13. Re-crop Picture
  14. Position New Picture
  15. Fine-tune Layout of Card #2
  16. This page Get Template, Fonts, Images

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