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Create a Blueprint Style Business Card Background in Microsoft Publisher


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Not Just For Architects and Construction Workers
Create a Blueprint Style Business Card Background in Microsoft Publisher

You can use the super easy but less blueprint-like method or create a custom blueprint style backdrop for your business card in just a few steps.

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Your business doesn't have to be architecture or construction related to use a nice blueprint background on your business card. Use it because you just like the look or as a play on whatever you do from building a better mousetrap to designing custom homepages and Web sites. I'll show you how to create your own custom background in a few easy steps.

I describe two methods on the following pages. The first method on page 2 is very basic but it may work fine for you. If you want something more refined, continue through pages 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the tutorial. On the last page of the tutorial you can download a .PUB template containing the background and grid created in this tutorial plus 2 variations. There are also downloads for architectural fonts you can use to complete your business card.

This tutorial uses Microsoft Publisher 2010. You may be able to achieve the same or similar look in other versions of Publisher.

  1. This page - Introduction
  2. Easy Pattern Background
  3. Draw Horizontal Lines for Custom Grid
  4. Draw Vertical Lines for Custom Grid
  5. Add a Gradient Background
  6. Fine-tune Custom Grid
  7. Complete Your Business Card (Template & Fonts)

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