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Pricing your Desktop Publishing Services

Learn how to set the right price for design and production services, raise your rates, and discuss pricing options with your desktop publishing clients. Explore the pros and cons of hourly vs. project rates, collecting bills, late fees, and flexible fee schedules.

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  1. Pro Bono Design

How Much Do I Charge to Design a Newsletter?
What should I charge for writing, designing, or publishing a newsletter? How do I set a price?

How Much Should I Charge for Doing Desktop Publishing?
What should I charge for general desktop publishing services such as business cards, stationary, greeting cards, Wedding Invitations, brochures - everything?

How to Not Get Paid for Your Desktop Publishing Time and Talents
If you're in the business of graphic design or desktop publishing you expect to get paid for your time and talents. However, some designers don't get paid or get paid much less than they deserve and it's nobody's fault but their own. Avoid these pitfalls of non-payment.

If you receive an RFP do you know what you're getting? In some ways, it's sort of like an RSVP except that forgetting to RSVP is mostly a lapse in etiquette while ignorning an RFP can cost you money and business.

Pricing and Estimating - How to Set Hourly and Flat Fees
Use these steps to develop a realistic hourly rate and then learn how to use an hourly rate to develop project or flat fees for desktop publishing.

Get a Deposit
Learn why a deposit is important and how it benefits you and the customer.

Include a Kill Fee in Your Contract
Don't be stung when a project falls through.

Spec Work vs. Pro Bono
One is usually a no-no but the other can be a good thing when done wisely.

Calculating the Cost to Meet
Figure out just how much it costs to go out and meet with clients and prospects. Brenner Books.

Competition from Canada
What are desktop publishers and graphic designers charging for their services in Canada compared to the US? Robert C. Brenner takes a look.

Cost & Overhead Analyzer Spreadsheet
Brenner Books has instructions on how to make your own spreadsheet to aid in tracking and controlling your business costs. Useful for setting your rates too.

Desktop Services Pricing
Overview of how Robert C. Brenner developed and conducted pricing surveys and some desktop publishing specific results from 1995-1998.

How Much Should I Charge?
Writing for Creative Latitude, Jeff Fisher says that before asking the question about what to charge there are many other questions you need to answer. He also provides a list of resources with pricing information.

How to Successfully Raise Your Rates
Advice from Robert C. Brenner, includes different approaches you can take when you need to increase your pricing.

MacDesign Billing Software
Estimating, invoicing, and billing system especially for designers, desktop publishers. Demo download available (Mac only)from Desktop Graphic Services.

Pricing Color Proofs
How much should you be charging for providing color proofs to clients? Find out here at Brenner Books.

Questions to ask/answer and essential advice on setting prices from business owner Judy Vorfeld.

What Real People Charge
These tables show what people are actually charging for Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, and Web Design in the US and Canada. From Brenner Books.

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