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Prepress and Printing

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Ensure your designs will print as expected by following proper prepress procedures as described in these prepress tutorials, definitions, and articles.

After creating a project you'll want to get the best output whether you use your desktop printer or commercial printing services. Discover all the many ways you can get your project into print.
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How to Print Anything
Explore how to print faster, how to print to your desktop printer, how to get files printed commercially, ways to print a photograph, and how to do color printing.

Simple Printing and Production Tips
Easy-to-remember guidelines for printing and proofreading that aren't necessarily hard-and-fast rules or scientific formulas but more than just a dumb guess.

Sending Files to Your Service Bureau or Printer
When you send a digital file out for film or printing more goes along than just your PageMaker or QuarkXPress document. Describes what you would normally send to your service provider.

Printing Methods for Desktop Publishing
Discover the range of printing methods and when to use which type of printing process in this quick overview of the various types of desktop and commercial printing processes including inkjet, offset lithography, flexography, and laser.

What's the difference between a commercial printer and a desktop printer?
It's man vs. machine when comparing a commercial printer with a desktop printer. Discover what each means and how to tell by context which printer is meant in desktop publishing articles and tutorials about printing.

What Does a Keyliner Do?
These days a keyliner is a production artist responsible for page layout and prepress — desktop publishing.

Proofs for Desktop Publishing
Outlines types of proofs including relative cost, groupings by usage, and brand names.

Pick Your Path to Learning About Desktop Publishing
The path to everything you need to know about desktop publishing. A topical index to this site.

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