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How to Create a Newsletter

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Learn about newsletter formats, using grids, content, and use of photos in newsletter design. Whether producing simple one-page fliers or glossy, four-color multi-page periodicals, find newsletter design tips and advice.

This series of articles and tutorials focuses on newsletter design — not writing. No newsletter can survive without good content but our aim in the Newsletter Design section is to present your content in an attractive, effective package.

You'll find checklists for overall newsletter design, a discussion of concepts such as consistency and image, and lessons in using specific components of a newsletter such as pictures, decks, and jumplines in order to create a newsletter that looks good.
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12 Parts of a Newsletter
Your newsletter design doesn't have to have all these parts but most newsletters will have at least four of these key elements of newsletter a layout , and usually many more. Find out what these parts are and get tips on newsletter design for each part. And learn more about some of these specific elements: Use Mug Shots More Effectively ...

5 Creative Ways to Use Mug Shots in Newsletter Design
Mug shots are a stable of many newsletters, especially employee publications. Find new ways to use these old stand-bys in your newsletter design layouts.

Newsletter Design Clinic: Evaluate First Impressions
One measure of a newsletter design effectiveness is the first impression a reader has upon seeing it. Does it say boring, exciting, read me now, save me for later, or, don't bother - there's nothing important here? Ask yourself these questions about your newsletter design.

Newsletter Design Clinic: Consistency, Conservation, and Contrast
Does your newsletter design appear haphazard, thrown together with each page having a different look? Is it cluttered with multiple fonts, photos, and unnecessary clip art? Do the pages appear gray and monotonous? Put the 3Cs of newsletter design to work.

How Do I Design a Good Newsletter?
Follow these steps and guidelines to improve your chances of creating a "good" newsletter design.

Best Fonts for Newsletters
Fonts can be a fun part of the newsletter design process but don't go crazy. Keep it readable.

Text Composition Tutorials
These tutorials explore all your options for formatting the text in your newsletter or other publications.

How to Use Bylines in Newsletter Design
Find examples of ways to format and use bylines in your newsletter design layout.

How to Use Continuation Heads in Newsletter Design
Show readers where the rest of the story starts.

How to Use End Signs in Newsletter Design
Show readers where the story ends.

How to Use Jumplines in Newsletter Design
When you have to continue on another page, let the reader know where to go to keep reading.

A Different Kind of Newsletter Design Source
Borrow these newsletter design ideas from Chuck Green: A fast and easy to update newsletter design and a simple way to keep your web page fresh and new.

Create the perfect newsletter
Roger C. Parker offers 12 steps to success when creating a business or organization newsletter. Covers topics such as consistency, margins, visuals, and color.

GRAPHIC make-overs: LAHq newsletter
See the before & after with background and commentary in this newsletter design makeover feature at Creative Latitude.

Tips from The Write Stuff
Browse a selection of tips and articles from "The Write Stuff" newsletter. Articles include topics such as using apostrophes, avoid cliches, story ideas, printing terms, and how to use your newsletter.

Newsletter Templates
The Paper Mill Store has a free template for a 4 page newsletter in InDesign, PDF, and QuarkXPress formats.

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