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InDesign CS Selection, Type, and Line Drawing Tools


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Selecting All or Some Objects

Drag a selection box around objects

Image by E. Bruno; licensed to About.com
If you want to select all the object on a page, you have a shortcut for this: Control + A (Windows) or Option + A (Mac OS).

If you want to select several objects:

  1. With selection tool point somewhere next to an object
  2. Hold down your mouse button and drag your mouse and make a rectangle which goes around the objects you want to select.
  3. When you release the mouse, the rectangle will disappear and the objects that were inside it will be selected.

    See illustration below. In the first part of the illustration I am selecting two objects. In the second one I have released the mouse button and two objects are now selected.

Another way to select several objects is by pressing Shift and then click on each object you want to select with the Selection Tool or the Direct Selection Tool. Make sure you keep Shift key pressed as you do that.

The Rest of The Tools, Part 1

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