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InDesign CS Selection, Type, and Line Drawing Tools


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The Selection Tools
Selection and Direct Selection

Select the Frame or the object in the frame

Image by J. Bear; licensed to About.com
Let's have a look at the first two tools in the Tools Palette. The black arrow on the left is called the Selection Tool. The white arrow on the right is the Direct Selection Tool.
  • The Selection tool lets you select graphics and text and work with an object using its bounding box.
    If you want to move a picture with the box that contains it, you would select the object with the selection tool and drag your picture around your page.
  • The Direct Selection tool lets you work with the content of a text or graphics frame.
     If you wanted to move the picture inside the box, or frame, that contains it, but you want to leave the box itself where it is, you select the object with the Direct Selection Tool.

It might be of help to try that on your own computer (you may want to try this after reading the tutorial on the Frame and Shape Tools).

  1. Open a new document
  2. Click on the Rectangle Frame Tool (not to be confused with the Rectangle Tool which is just next to it)
  3. Draw a rectangle.
  4. Go to File > Place, find a picture in your hard drive and then click OK.

You should now have a picture in the rectangle you have just drawn. Then do what I said above with the Selection Tool and the Direct Selection Tool and see what happens.

The Rest of The Tools, Part 1
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