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Adobe InDesign Tutorials

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The tool of choice for many professional graphic designers, use these Adobe InDesign tutorials to master both the basics and the advanced features. Find tutorials to help you set-up your work area, create a document, and fully utilize the tools and shortcuts for most versions of InDesign.
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Adobe InDesign Tutorial Collections
Looking for Adobe InDesign tutorials? Adobe, Adobe TV, Layers Magazine, Computer Arts, vector tuts+, lynda.com, and CreativePro.com are some of the best places to find all kinds of in-depth tutorials and how-to articles and videos on using Adobe InDesign. I'm also in the process of collecting InDesign tutorials into specific categories so you...

Adobe InDesign Tools & Interface Videos
Watch these videos on how to perform basic tasks and to get familiar with the basic tools for use in Adobe InDesign.

Adobe InDesign Document Creation Videos
These videos show you how to set up documents and create specific projects using Adobe InDesign.

Alpha Channels
Describes how to use alpha channels as a clipping path when placing images in InDesign.

Basic Tasks Animated
Simple Animations show some basic tasks in Adobe InDesign such as how to draw a rectangle and how to use the Pen Tool.

Colour Palette
The Color Palette in InDesign is where you select the colors for the objects in your document. Learn about its color modes and practice using the colour palette.

Document Area
Slug it out, let it bleed, and stick it out measure for measure. Learn your way around the document area when setting up documents in Adobe InDesign CS.

Character Style Sheets
Character Style Sheets can be real time savers for designers especially in the creation of long or multi-page documents. Character Style Sheets are simply recorded format that you can then use in your design at will.

Eyedropper and Measure Tools
Learn step-by-step how to use the eyedropper and measure tools of Adobe InDesign.

Embedded Clipping Paths
Learn how to access clipping path information from EPS and TIFF files from different graphics programs when used in InDesign.

Gradient Palette
You use the Gradient Palette in InDesign to create colors that change from one color to another when applied to an object. Here's how it works.

Gradient Tool and the Gradient Palette
The Gradient tool works hand in hand with the Gradient Palette. Learn how to work with gradients in Adobe InDesign.

Guides / Guidelines - Setup
Try all these methods of setting up guidelines in publications.

Guides / Guidelines - Types
The types of guides or guidelines used in InDesign.

Guides / Guidelines - Using and Printing
Simplify the use of guidelines, including how to turn non-printing guides into printing guides.

Guides / Guidelines - Viewing
Make guides visible or invisible or change their appearance in InDesign with these tips.

Page Numbers
InDesign will automatically number pages in the style you designate when the proper page numbering code is placed on the Master Pages of your document.

Margins Columns, Grids Guides
One of the first steps in setting up a new document in Adobe InDesign CS is setting up the margins, columns, and other guides that will hold, align, and organize the text and graphics to be put on the page.

Photo-Objects and Clipping Paths
Browse a clipping path and transparency tutorial using Hemera Photo-Objects with Adobe InDesign.

Text Effects in Adobe InDesign
This tutorial addresses the Bevel and Emboss, Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, and Inner Glow effects that you can apply to text in InDesign.

Text Selection Tips
Stop dragging your mouse around. Learn quick tricks to selecting text in InDesign and other programs.

Text Strokes Disappearing
When using InDesign CS, you might find yourself into a situation where you have applied a stroke to type and you now want to convert that type to outlines. However when you do that, your stroke seems to disappear. Yet this is not the case.

Scissors Tool
Learn how the scissors tool works and the basic use of the Adobe InDesign scissors tool for cutting and reshaping objects.

Selection, Type, Line Drawing Tools
Take a close look at the first several tools in the Adobe InDesign Tools Palette. Learn how to use the selection, pen, type, and pencil tools and some of the options in their flyout menus.

Polygons and Stars in InDesign
You can draw polygons from triangles up to 100-sided shapes as either frames or shapes in Adobe InDesign. Then you can take those polygons and make them into all kinds of star shapes.

Swatches Palette
The Swatches palette goes hand in hand with the Colour palette. It can make working in Adobe InDesign easier and faster by allowing you to record frequently used color combinations.

Drawing With Shapes in Adobe InDesign
Head back to the Sixties without leaving Adobe InDesign. Learn how to use the Shape tools to draw a funky illustration featuring a Lava Lamp and flowers.

Setting Up the Page
Once you've familiarized yourself with the work area and document area in InDesign, it's time to set up a new document.

Draw Text in Adobe InDesign
Draw letters and numbers just the way you want them using the pen tool in Adobe InDesign.

Corner Effects in Adobe InDesign
Learn how to apply corner effects to rectangles and polygons in any version of Adobe InDesign. This tutorial focuses on the basic effects as used in CS4 but also shows how later versions of InDesign improved on the use of corner effects.

Work Area, Menu, Palettes
This tutorial walks you through the Adobe InDesign work area. This is geared towards those unfamiliar with the InDesign interface, menu, and palettes.

Zoom Options
Learn how to use the magnification tools in InDesign including zoom shortcuts.

Adobe InDesign Interface and Tools
Aimed primarily at new users, these tutorials cover the basics of the InDesign work area and tools everyone uses.

Transparency and PDF Files
How to make sure your transparency effects in Adobe InDesign come out correctly in the PDF format.

Design Projects Using Adobe InDesign
These Adobe InDesign projects can help you master InDesign by designing projects such as business cards, magazine covers, letterhead, posters, and digital publications.

Undo and Revert to Fix Mistakes
Try these two ways to fix mistakes in InDesign CS.

Master Pages
Use master pages in Adobe InDesign CS to achieve consistency in your page design. The master pages hold repeating elements that are to appear on all or most pages of a publication.

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