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Image Vendors - Commercial Clip Art and Stock Photos Sources

Get professional collections of pictures or purchase individual illustrations, stock photos, or rights-controlled images. Order a print catalog or browse online.

Best Source of Stock, Royalty-Free, or Rights-Controlled Graphics
Readers offer their favorite sources of commercial images for use in desktop publishing.

A Luna Blue
Royalty Free Stock images. CD Sampler as well as themed CDs for broadcast, DTP, and more. NTSC, PAL, Quicktime, and custom formats.

Art Parts
These collections from Ron and Joe feature 700-850 graphics per CD of often humorous, usually B&W images in a woodcut style. You can purchase sub-sets of the collections as well.

Royalty free stock footage on CD-ROM. Nature, textures, backgrounds, special effects and stone, fabric, and paper textures, 3D textures, and Web elements. Online ordering.

Birch Design Studios
B&W and Color Stock illustrations in vector format on CD or download individual images. Lots of great images by a variety of artists. View thumbnails online.

Brad Perks PC Image Network
Royalty free stock photography featuring San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite National Park, Scenic California Landscapes, Images of Nature, Wildlife and People.

Unique, antique Americana images, most pre-1925; You can request a search of their millions of photographs, illustrations, engravings, and other resources.

Can Stock Photo
Downloads start at $1 or get a subscription. Visit regularly to get free downloads. Browse a hundred categories or use the search to find royalty free images.

Comstock Images
Browse images online. Both rights-protected and royalty-free images available.

Corbis Images
Search by keyword. Traditional licensing and royalty-free images available.

Digital Juice
Offering sets of royalty free images, animations, and more for video and multimedia including Digital Juice for PowerPoint.

EarthWater Stock Photography
Browse the online catalog. Collections include Animals & Wildlife, Landscapes & Seascapes, Sports & Liesure, and more.

They specialize in club flyer and bar marketing royalty-free images, fonts, photoshop layouts, and other media. Content is designed to be relevant to those specific needs. Browse collection. Purchase individual images.

Foto Search Stock Photography
Use this image search site to find millions of royalty free and rights-managed images from 140 stock photography publishers.

Hemera Technologies
Purchase Photo-Objects and other royalty-free image collections for everyone from the professional designer to the casual clip art user.

Image Farm
Browse samples from each thematic CD online or download a PDF file.

Leishman Cartoons [EPS,TIFF,GIF]
Get a Toon-a-day by Ron Leishman for just a dime a day. Color and B& W line art for Mac or Windows emailed to you each day.

Medical and anatomical illustrations are the specialty here. Search for images. Grab a free sample.

Map Resources [TIF, AI, JPG, GIF, EPS, other]
A huge variety of maps for cities, states, countries. Terrain maps, US congressional districts, US zip code maps, US and International city maps.

Megatoons Cartoon Clipart [TIFF]
Humorous illustrations by Phil Frank; view samples online; scanned at high resolution from original line art.

Nova Development
Their Art Explosion packages for Mac and Windows explode with clip art along with photos and raster illustrations.

NVtech Task Force Image Gallery
Several different collections contain thousands of images.

One Mile Up, Inc.
Military and aircraft artwork including insignia, flags, government seals, and NASA artwork.

Picture Quest
A 'virtual warehouse' for stock photography and royalty free photography from 60 providers. Impressive collection and great search tool. (Formerly Publisher's Depot)

Royalty Free Photos.com
Search for, purchase, and download images. Simplified pricing and super search features. Free comps too.

RT Computer Graphics
Western, Native American Art [EPS,WMF]. Grayscale and color images and borders for Windows and Macintosh. Free fonts with some packages.

Royalty-free stock photography on CD-ROM. Search for images online.

SaralART Indian Clip art
Modestly priced collection of over 125 graphics featuring Indian figures, dieties, temples, mosques, dances, and more from the Indian culture. Download a demo.

Screen Bean Clip Art [WMF, PICT]
A Bit Better Corporation has several different collections and bundles of amusing clip art. See samples of each collection. Online ordering.

Pop-in-Parts are detailed illustrations of network symbols, pipe fittings, circuit card parts, cable connections, and other technical drawings in EPS and WMF formats. Clipniks is the fun stuff -- hierophyphics, astrology, alchemy, and other clip art themes.

The i Spot
Deal directly with the seller when purchasing stock illustrations from the artists here.

Ultimate Symbol
Each collection consists of shapes, icons, and symbols that can stand alone or be incorporated into your own unique creations. The largest, Design Elements, has over 3,000 EPS/WMF images and can be purchased one volume at a time.

Stock illustration for the Mac in Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand formats.

Hemera Technologies - The Big Box of Art (Guide Review)
In addition to the Photo-Objects collections they offer The Big Box of Art - an awesome collection of vector illustrations for Mac and Windows along with photos, textures, and Photo-Objects. This review covers an early version.

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