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Desktop publishing involves the technical application of the elements and principles of design. Discover those elements and principles and the creative process through graphic design tutorials, free design classes, and articles that explore the various theories and processes of traditional and modern graphic design and desktop publishing.

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  7. Design for Vision-Impaired (11)
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  9. Brand, Image, Positioning (11)

Defining Graphic Design
Today's graphic designers often use desktop publishing software and techniques to achieve their goals. Explore what graphic design means today.

Are You An Artist?
Is a graphic designer an artist or is art a category of its own? Opinions differ.

How Do I Do Graphic Design?
If you believe you can learn how to do graphic design in just a few minutes of reading, pass on by. However, if you are looking for a one-stop source for learning how to do graphic design that breaks it down into manageable chunks, gives you the basics and provides in-depth material as well, start here.

Pick Your Path to Learning About Desktop Publishing
The path to everything you need to know about desktop publishing. A topical index to this site.

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