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Mock-up of front panel of CD case sleeve

Mock-up of the artwork for the front panel of CD case sleeve. | Design & Layout | Graphics | Alpha Index of Full Glossary:

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In desktop publishing, graphic design, and printing the visual component of a page is the artwork.

From the perspective of desktop publishing, artwork refers to:

  1. Nontextual portions of a page layout:
    • photographs - pictures taken with a camera
    • clip art - non-photographic images
    • drawings - fanciful, editorial, or technical illustrations drawn by hand or in illustration software
    • charts - image that represents data symbolically
    • graphs - image that presents numerical data
    • frames and borders - decorative lines or elements surrounding a page or portion of a page
    • rules - lines used to organize or decorate
    • decorative text elements such as initial caps and dingbats
  2. Mechanicals submitted for printing.
    Traditionally the mechanicals referred to camera-ready artwork that includes everything, text and illustrations, ready to be photographed to make printing plates.

Outside of desktop publishing, artwork is any type of artistic endeavor including paintings, sculptures, and arts and crafts projects.

Selecting and Preparing Artwork

Except for the first item, these tips and tutorials are not addressed specifically to the use of artwork in desktop publishing but the suggestions offered can apply when you are acquiring various kinds of artwork for use in your page layouts.
Also Known As: art | pictures | photos | images | mechanical | layout
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