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Free Clip Art of People

Browse these individual images and collections of free clip art depicting people. Pictures show adults, children, business people, and families in a variety of situations including business and recreational activities and children in school or playing. Lots of cute, cartoon kids too.
  1. Stick Figures, Cartoons, People

People in the Medical Field
Dixie Allan has drawn up cute little doctors and nurses in various poses or attire.

Kids Clip Art
Kids skating, girl with her doll, a boy at a school desk, graduates, Pilgrim kids, and other originals by Dixie Allan for About.com.

Kids - Lots of Kids
Black, white, brown cartoon kids in different attire.

Back to School People
Within this list you'll find a marching band, kids holding a chalkboard, and a group of stick figure kids.

Baby Safety Month
The image has two little babies in it.

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