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Design your own greeting cards, make a poster or flier, or decorate your Web page with free clip art. You'll find food, funny kids, cute and cuddly animals, business-like symbols, and much more among these pages.

A few ways to use this free clip art:
Make Your Own Trading Cards | Write a Festive Holiday Letter | Send Homemade Greeting Cards

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Best Source of Free Images for Desktop Publishing
Readers share their favorite sources of free images for use in desktop publishing.

St. Patrick's Day Pictures and Graphics Tutorials
Along with tutorials you'll find free images of leprechauns, shamrocks, gold coins, and more.

Out of this World Fun
Several years ago the Roswell incident, the Mir Space Station, and the Mars expedition stirred renewed interest in space exploration and extraterrestrials. I couldn't resist jumping on the band wagon. This feature is pure fun but I hope you'll pick up a tip or two — or at least a bit of inspiration.

Use Less Clip Art
Yes, first we're offering free clip art and then we're telling you to use less of it. Funny, isn't it? While there are no hard and fast rules on how much is too much, use these commonsense guidelines and tips to improve the use of clip art in your layouts.

Emerald City Fontwerks - Clip Art as Fonts [TTF,PS]
Offers a delightful collection of freeware and shareware clip art masquerading as fonts including balloon faces, medical drawings, and crowns. Beautiful!

Public Domain Images
Sample these public domain images of people, insects, buildings, and objects. Includes black & white and color photos and sketches.

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