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The Write Fonts - Handwriting Fonts for Teachers

Teach Kids to Write with These Print and Cursive Handwriting School Fonts


Girl (5-7) practicing handwriting
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When my daughters had to start doing homework in cursive they came to me almost daily asking me to show them how to write various letters. It's been years since I learned formal cursive handwriting and my characters didn't always match what the school taught. I needed cursive handwriting fonts.

While most of the handwriting styles in this collection are those taught in US schools, including D'Nealian, Zaner-Boser, and Getty-Dubay Italic, I have found a few for styles taught in the UK, parts of Australia, and other areas. I'll continue to add to the collection of free fonts and links to shareware and commercial ones for other styles as I find them. The commercial fonts offer the greatest variety of styles and quality but for basic needs, the free/shareware fonts may be sufficient.

Using School Fonts

It's not just teachers that use these fonts. They can make a nice addition to a school newsletter or incorporated in graphics used for school Web sites or for any publication or Web site dealing with education.
  • Cursive Handwriting in the US offers a little fun history, explains why cursive handwriting is relevant to desktop publishing (not just to teach), and links to some formal cursive handwriting fonts.
    Aside from just being fun to know, there are practical reasons to understand cursive handwriting. For one thing, script fonts are based on historic and more modern handwriting styles.


  • Spencerian Script looks at cursive handwriting before the Palmer, Zaner-Bloser, and other modern handwriting methods. Find some fonts with roots in this lovely style.
    Have you ever looked at a can of Coca-Cola or a Ford truck logo and thought, "Wow, I wish I could write like that?" As a matter of fact, a lot of people (the majority of them older than anyone you know) used to write just like that.

The Fonts

Free Handwriting Fonts for Teachers
There are far more commercial offerings that freebies, but I have found a few that may suit your needs. Some are designed specifically for teaching handwriting skills and others are close and perhaps suitable in a pinch. You'll find some print or manuscript, cursive, and trace fonts with and without rules in a limited variety of styles.
[Free School Fonts]

Shareware Handwriting Fonts for Teachers
This category includes downloadable try-before-you-buy shareware school fonts in manuscript, cursive, and trace versions. Some are free for personal use.
[Shareware School Fonts]


Commercial Handwriting Fonts for Teachers
Many companies offer a wide range of school fonts designed for teaching handwriting skills. There are print, cursive, and trace fonts in all the major styles. Some include the ruled lines that are found on ruled handwriting paper.
[Commercial School Fonts]


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