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Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs in a Font

Say It Symbolically With Egyptian Hieroglyphic Writing


Egyptian Hieroglyphs from a font

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

A picture is worth a thousand words. The ancient Egyptians used pictures as words and you can too. Egyptian Hieroglphs are the picture symbols used to decorate tombs and used for other sacred writing. There are a variety of free and commercial fonts that contain these Egyptian Hieroglyphs and other types of hieroglyphic writing systems.

Creative Uses for Egyptian Hieroglyphs in Fonts

  • Use Egyptian Hieroglyphs dingbat fonts as clip art for illustrations and icons.

  • Translate your name (or business name) into the hieroglyphic alphabet for an interesting logo.

  • Create patterns or borders for letterhead using Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Sources of Egyptian Hieroglph Fonts
Browse these free and commercial sources of pictorial alphabet fonts, especially those composed in part or in whole of Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

  • Jim Loy - My Egyptian Hieroglyphic Fonts
    Download his Egyptian hieroglyphs in a TrueType font ZIP file.

  • Shrine of Isis Fonts
    Among the fonts you'll find some hieroglphs, including Stargate glphs and other symbols in Windows TrueType format.

  • GlyphBasic Fonts
    The table on this page won't mean much until you download and install the GlyphBasic font.It's in a ZIP file.

  • Deniart Systems - Egyptian Hieroglyphs
    Get a sampler or pick from different volumes of Egyptian Hieroglyph Fonts. You'll get a mini-lesson in hieroglphics here too. Mac and PC fonts for about $30 to $40.

  • Neferchichi's Tomb - Egyptian Typefaces
    There are three fonts, one each for heiroglyphs, gods, and random Egyptian images in these fonts. Buy them or download the Sampler font.

  • P22 - Hieroglyphic Font Set Mac and PC font sets are under $25. Selection includes phonetic, decorative, and cartouche and comes with a translation chart.

  • Center for Computer-aided Egyptological Research
    You'll find a wealth of resources here. For those specifically interested in Egyptian Hieroglyphs, see the online Hieroglyphica to find a listing and meanings for the characters you find in Egyptian Hieroglph fonts and some fonts for Mac and PC in the Egyptological Resources section. In the Shop find Glyph for Windows, a program for Hieroglyphic Text Processing.

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