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Line Patterns
Lines Lesson 2

Lines are often found in pairs or groups. Lines of the same general appearance or lines that are quite different can form a variety of patterns that create textures, suggest movement, or lead the eye - the same as single lines.

If you aren't creating original illustrations or doing logo design, your main concern with this part of the study of lines is being able to recognize these patterns in the illustrations you may select for your work and understand how these patterns may or may not project the image you want for your project. These bits of line patterns illustrate static, dynamic, and random use of lines.

examples of line patterns

Upper Left: Uniform vertical black and white lines alternate at even intervals. Static. Orderly. Conservative.

Upper Right: Uniform horizontal black lines are widely, but evenly spaced. Static. Stable. Orderly.

Middle Left: Uneven spacing of otherwise uniform lines creates the impression of movement. Dynamic. Orderly progression.

Middle Right: In this example the progression moves in from either side giving the illusion of roundness. Dynamic. Orderly progression. Dimension.

Lower Left: Varying line widths and distances create a random pattern. Dynamic. Chaotic. Disorderly.

Lower Right: While the uniform size and spacing of the lines in the upper examples are static, make the lines into curves and you get movement although it is a controlled movement. Dynamic. Orderly flow.

Hands-On Exercise
Look at ads, magazines, brochures, logos, and other printed projects and look for patterns created with two or more lines. To find examples similiar to those above, look beyond the obvious and find the lines within illustrations or used within logos. Draw your own sets of patterns using only black or white lines that illustrate static, dynamic, or random line patterns. Experiment with line width, spacing, and using horizontal, vertical, curved, and even diagonal lines.

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