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5 Ways to Use Dingbat Fonts


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Dingbat Fonts Are Like Mini-Clip Art Collections
Dingbats are like clipart

Dingbats, like templates, can jumpstart your graphic and logo designs

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A dingbat is a kind of picture. Some regular fonts have a few dingbats and other digital fonts are made up completely of pictures.

The simple shapes and pictures found in dingbat fonts make them especially useful in logo design or as icons or symbols in newsletters, books, brochures, on Web pages, or in other types of publications.

Some symbols work fine as is needing nothing more than resizing to fit your layout. But most dingbats can be improved on with a few simple techniques.

Tip: Save a copy of your dingbat in its original form in case any of your modifications go wrong.

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