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At its most basic level, desktop publishing is taking some text and some images and mixing them together on a page then publishing that page in the form of or as part of a flier, brochure, newsletter, greeting card, annual report, business card, Web page, or other common (and uncommon) desktop publishing projects.

In practice, there is much more to learn in order to do desktop publishing. Explore the categories and pages listed below to find tutorials on all aspects of page layout and using desktop publishing software.
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The Importance of Desktop Publishing in the Modern Office
Don't be too quick to dismiss desktop publishing as a relic of the past. Whatever you call desktop publishing software, it is still a vital tool in business communications.

Why Everyone Needs to Know Desktop Publishing
You don't have to do desktop publishing professionally to benefit greatly from knowing how. Make more money and save money by learning at least the basics of desktop publishing.

What is Ransom Note Desktop Publishing?
Think of letters cut out of magazines in the stereotypical ransom note fashion and that's a clue to how ransom note desktop publishing looks -- erratic, haphazard.

Do It Right...

Follow These Rules
Not hard and fast rules, these guidelines, best practices, and tried and true methods of arranging a page and doing desktop publishing will result in attractive pages that effectively communicate the intended message.

Parts of a Document
The parts of almost any kind of a document can be broken down into five main sections: Artwork, Titles, Body, Navigation, and Credits. Not every document will contain all these parts or may contain only some aspects of each.

Best Practices in Page Composition
A good composition is one that is not only pleasing to look at but also effectively conveys the message of the text and graphics to the intended audience.

Desktop Publishing Mini-Lessons and Samples
Graphics and other images related to random desktop publishing topics.

Expanded Language of Desktop Publishing
While desktop publishing traditionally meant print design, today it also embraces other forms of publishing including Web design, animation, video, audio, mobile delivery, and other rich media content.

Desktop publishing software is increasingly integrating rich media content tools, making it easier than ever to produce complex content for multiple uses without specialized knowledge of HTML, and related technical topics.

Simple Guidelines for Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, and Word Processing
Dig into some easy to miss but good to know tips found buried in various articles on this site. Pulled into a central location and organized by general topic.

How to Do Desktop Publishing and Desktop Printing
Assuming you have the appropriate desktop publishing software, chosen for the type of projects and printing you plan to do, and understand the basics of using desktop publishing software, here are the key steps to creating an attractive layout in most types of page layout software and printing it from your desktop printer.

Pick Your Path to Learning About Desktop Publishing
The path to everything you need to know about desktop publishing. A topical index to this site.

Why We Don't Need Desktop Publishing
Desktop publishing was born in the 80s although its roots run much deeper. But is it now a dinosaur with little relevance in today's digital world? Read and decide.

How to Do Desktop Publishing as a Freelance Business
While some sources might have you believe that all it takes to start a desktop publishing business is to have some software, a color printer, and some fancy paper, the truth is that a desktop publishing or graphic design business requires the same attention to detail of any small business venture. You can start small and build up but the basics...

How to Do Professional Desktop Publishing
Learning how to do desktop publishing involves mastering desktop publishing tasks that fall into six areas: design, setup, text, images, file preparation, and printing. Each of these six areas involve learning a multitude of specific tasks and techniques and may also require learning the more advanced features of desktop publishing software.

Parts of a Document
The parts of almost any kind of a document can be broken down into five main sections: Artwork, Titles, Body, Navigation, and Credits. Not every document will contain all these parts or may contain only some aspects of each.

Do We Still Need Desktop Publishing?
Readers respond with their opinions on the role of desktop publishing. Add your thoughts.

What is Desktop Publishing?
Desktop publishing is the use of the computer and specialized software to create brochures, fliers, cards, and more but that's just for starters.

Arranging the Page
Page layout is desktop publishing. There are hundreds of tasks involved in creating a page layout but first, get a grasp of the big picture and the main components that go into the arrangement of text and images known as page layout or composition.

How Do I Do Graphic Design?
If you believe you can learn how to do graphic design in just a few minutes of reading, pass on by. However, if you are looking for a one-stop source for learning how to do graphic design that breaks it down into manageable chunks, gives you the basics and provides in-depth material as well, start here.

How to Make Desktop Publishing Fun
Desktop publishing can be fun to learn and do. Try these ideas for fun projects and a relaxed approach to learning to use desktop publishing software.

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