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Things to Make

From Jacci Howard Bear

What are you going to create? Dig into detailed design tips and tutorials, makeovers, ideas, techniques, and supplies for anything you can do with desktop publishing software. Learn how to create logos, brochures, business cards, greeting cards, Web pages, ads, presentations, annual reports, packaging, signs, business forms, and just about anything that can be designed and put on screen on in print.

Within each category you'll find design lessons, templates, software suggestions, and additional resources and inspiration.
  1. Web Publishing
  2. Ads (10)
  3. Annual Reports (14)
  4. Audio / Video Packaging (4)
  5. Book Covers, Jackets (22)
  6. Booklets (17)
  7. Books & Manuals (25)
  8. Brochures (13)
  9. Brochures & Catalogs (9)
  10. Business Cards (31)
  11. Business Forms (16)
  12. Calendars - Create a Calendar (12)
  13. Candy Wrappers (19)
  14. Catalogs, Price Lists (14)
  15. CD / DVD Packaging (35)
  16. Certificates (11)
  17. Creative Printing and Computer (59)
  18. Direct Mail (9)
  19. Envelope Templates and Envelop (16)
  20. Gift Tags (20)
  21. Cards and Invitations (59)
  22. Identity Systems (23)
  23. Labels (14)
  24. Letterhead (13)
  25. Logos (65)
  26. Magazines (14)
  27. Makeovers (23)
  28. Menus (19)
  29. Newsletter Design and Publishi (94)
  30. Newspapers (11)
  31. Packaging (28)
  32. Periodicals & Other Publications (14)
  33. Pocket Folders (7)
  34. Postcards (13)
  35. Posters (28)
  36. Presentations (9)
  37. Promotional Items (11)
  38. QR Codes (7)
  39. Sales Materials, Fliers (7)
  40. Seasonal Desktop Publishing Pr (26)
  41. Signage (17)
  42. Technical Illustration (6)
  43. Trading Cards, ID Cards (3)
  44. Wedding & Anniversary (11)
  45. Word Processing (12)
  46. Yellow Pages Ads (6)

Top 4 Things to Make With Desktop Publishing Software
Graphic designers already know why they need desktop publishing software. But what about everyone else? What can you do with the desktop publishing software and techniques if you aren't a professional designer? Here are five things to do with desktop publishing software and recommendations on what software to use.

Find Your Niche in Desktop Publishing
Explore some of the specialties or niches in design. Not everyone creates every possible project that is possible with desktop publishing software. Which do you prefer?

Graphic Design Portfolio and Practice Projects
Use these projects to build your design portfolio or to provide yourself with some design and layout practice.

Design Projects Using Adobe InDesign
Things to make using InDesign that can also help you learn to use the software. Includes tutorials for business cards, invitations, posters, brochures, and digital publications.

Templates for Print and Web Publishing
Find templates for print projects and Web pages. Print out calendars, envelopes, and greeting cards. Jumpstart your business card, brochure, and newsletter projects in InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Use these free templates for business documents as well as fun craft projects.

Layer Tennis
It's a series of live, online contests between graphic designers hosted by Coudal Partners and presented by Adobe Creative Suite 5. Season 1 was in 2007-2008. Season 2 began in early 2009. Season 3 started in the late summer of 2010.

Pick Your Path to Learning About Desktop Publishing
The path to everything you need to know about desktop publishing. A topical index to this site.

Make a Gift Idea: Custom Bookmark
Books make great gifts. Personalize the books you give with custom bookmarks that you make yourself.

Make a Gift Idea: Custom Bookplate
Give a book with a custom bookplate. Or, design and print bookplates as the gift.

Finding Your Niche in Desktop Publishing
There are dozens of types of design projects that can be created in whole or in part with your computer and desktop publishing and graphics software. I've put those projects into 16 categories or groupings.

Make a Custom Book or Book Accessories as Gifts
Books make great gifts. A book you create or customize yourself is even better. From publishing your own family history book to creating a personalized, one-of-a-kind bookmark you can make your own gifts for readers of all ages. Combine any or all of these book-related gift ideas to create coordinated gift set, such as matching custom...

Put Your Personal Stamp on Your Designs
Use personalized stamps for that extra creative touch on your cards,and letters.

How to Make Desktop Publishing Fun
Desktop publishing can be fun to learn and do. Try these ideas for fun projects and a relaxed approach to learning to use desktop publishing software.

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