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Principles of Design

The principles of design suggest effective and pleasing ways to arrange text and graphics on the page as well as the arrangement of individual elements within illustration, logos, and the overall design of a document.
  1. Elements of Design
  2. Graphic Design Basics
  3. Alignment (7)
  4. Balance (9)
  5. Consistency / Repetition (7)
  6. Contrast (6)
  7. Gestalt (7)
  8. Golden Rectangle (6)
  9. Proximity (6)
  10. White Space (5)

Principles of Design
Generally, all the principles of design apply to any piece you may create. How you apply those principles determines how effective your design is in conveying the desired message and how attractive it appears. There is seldom only one correct way to apply each principle but check your documents to see how well you have applied each of these six...

Emphasis and How It Works With the Principles and Elements of Design
An element of a design that dominates or becomes the center of interest has emphasis. Learn how to use the elements and principles of design to create emphasis and a focal point for page layouts.

Form and Function in Desktop Publishing
The Elements and Principles of Design combine to create the form and support the function of a piece.

Overview of the Principles of Design
Graphic Design Basics > Principles of Design > Class 1: Introduction > Lesson 1: Defining the Principles of Design Through Metaphor and Allegory and Lesson 2: Applying the Principles of Design.

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