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Medium to Dark Blue Color Palettes


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2 Color: If Opposites Attract, Then Blue Goes Well With Orange
Choose a blue and choose an orange for a 2-color complementary palette.

Choose a blue and choose an orange for a 2-color complementary palette.

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Consider combining blue colors with orange in a complementary color scheme.

Blue is a cool color while orange is a warm color on the other side of the color wheel. To avoid unpleasant vibrations, avoid using in equal amounts. Enliven your blue with a splash of orange (or calm your orange with a dash of blue).

From darkest to lightest, the oranges shown with each blue swatch in the above image are:

  • Hex #FFA500 | RGB 255,165,0 (a golden orange; SVG color keyword & CSS color keyword orange)
  • Hex #FF8000 | RGB 255,128,0 (medium orange)
  • Hex #FF4500 | RGB 255,69,0 (orange red; SVG color keyword orangered)
  • Hex #C83200 | RGB 200,50,0 (a dark orange)
  • Numbers: Hex #FF7F27 | RGB 255,127,39 (a peachy orange)
The blues, from darker to lighter are:
  1. Navy Hex #000080 | RGB 0,0,128 (CSS color keyword/SVG color keyword navy)
  2. Blue Hex #0000FF | RGB 0,0,255 (CSS/SVG color keyword is blue; browser safe color)
  3. Hex #0045FF | RGB 0,69,255 (a medium blue)
  4. Steel Blue Hex #4682B4 | RGB 70,130,180 (SVG color keyword steelblue; a corporate blue)
  5. Hex #0080FF | RGB 0,128,255 (a medium blue)
  6. Light Blue Hex #ADD8E6 | RGB 173,216,230 (SVG color keyword lightblue)

Dark blues and medium shades of blue symbolize importance, confidence, power, intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. By adding some orange to your predominantly dark blue palette you introduce some warmth and energy that can keep your palette from being too stilted or overpowering.

You don't have to use these exact shades. Go a touch lighter or darker, or step one spot to the left or the right on the color wheel. These color combinations are just to help you find a suitable color palette using blue and orange as the main components.

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