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What Color is Vermilion?

This orange color comes from a mineral not a fruit


Vermilion shades

Shades of vermilion (aka vermillion). © Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com

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This orange-red color comes from the pigment found in the mineral cinnabar. Vermilion may also be spelled vermillion.


Answer: Vermilion, also known as cinnabar and China red, is red with a bit of orange in it, much like scarlet. It can be produced naturally (from the mineral cinnabar) and artificially.

Shades of Vermilion:

  • Vermilion | Hex #E34234 | RGB 227,66,52
  • Orange Red (Web color orangered) | Hex #FF3F00 | RGB 255,69,0
  • Orange Red 2 | Hex #EE4000 | RGB 238,64,0
  • Scarlet | Hex #FF2400 | RGB 255,36,0
  • Tomato 2 | Hex #EE5C42| RGB 238,92,66
  • Coral 2 | Hex #EE6A50 | RGB 238,106,80
  • Vermilion is a warm color.
  • The color of life and eternity, vermilion carries with it the same symbolism as red -- a power color associated also with love and marriage and religion.


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