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Red liquid splashing
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Blood red may or may not be the actual color of blood, but it's a range of red colors we associate with blood.


Blood is red. Blood red can be a bright red or a dark red. The bright red color of crimson is often considered the color of fresh blood, thus blood red. Blood red may also describe a darker, more maroon shade of red.

Blood red shades of red:

  • Blood Red | Hex #660000 | RGB 102,0,0
  • Crimson | Hex #DC143C | RGB 220,20,60
  • Dark Red | Hex #8B0000 | RGB 139,0,0
  • Maroon | Hex #800000 | RGB 128,0,0
  • Blood Orange | Hex #CC1100 | RGB 204,17,0
  • Blood red is a warm color.
  • Depending on how it is used, blood red can carry some of the darker or more sinister symbolism of red including anger, aggression, sin, Satan, death, or a sense of the macabre. Blood red can also symbolize loyalty (a blood oath) and even life and love (blood being associated with the heart).


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