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Color Meaning and Choosing Colors

Paying attention to color meaning can add a new dimenLearn to your design work. Learn how to select and use color effectively in desktop publishing. Explore a variety of color palettes. Learn about what colors mean in various cultures and traditions and get help choosing color for meaning and color coordination.
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The Meaning of Color
The meaning of color is important in graphic design in order to convey the right tone, message, and evoke the desired response to the brochure, newsletter, ad, Web site, or other publication.

Appealing to the Masculine Side with Male Color Preferences
When speaking the language of color, what colors speak to men? Explore the favorite colors of men before choosing colors for print or web projects targeted to males.

Appealing to the Feminine Side with Female Color Preferences
When speaking the language of color, what colors speak to women? Explore the favorite colors of women and colors traditionally or culturally associated with women. Use these studies to help choose colors for print and Web materials targeting women.

Color Symbolism and Color Palettes
Red is love and war. Blue suggests trustworthiness and stability. Orange is vibrant and energetic. Explore the meanings of dozens of colors and how to use those colors and color palettes effectively in your print and Web projects.

Use the Color Radiant Orchid in Graphic Design
Use Pantone Color of the Year for 2014 - Radiant Orchid - in your graphic design projects. Here are the formulas and some of the symbolism this color will bring to your work.

What Color is Sapphire?
Sapphire is a shade of blue...

What Color is Lilac?
Violet flowery color...

What Color is Navy?
Deep, dark blue that's almost black...

What Color is Plum?
Purplish pink and fruity.

What Color is Indigo?
Between blue and violet...

What Color is Scarlet?
A slightly orange-tinted shade of red...

What Color is Crimson?
Blood red...

What Color is Vermilion
Orange-red from cinnabar...

What Color is Blood Red?
The color of blood is red, red-orange, crimson, bright red, brownish red...

Light Blue Colors

Blue is a favorite color of both men and women. But which shade of blue? From the palest blues that are almost white to the light blue sky colors, explore the lighter side of the color blue and see how the symbolism behind blue changes depending on the specific blue you choose.

Turquoise Colors
A mix of blue and green, turquoise has a sweet feminine feel while the darker teal shades add lively sophistication. Explore the symbolism of the color turquoise and find the right shade of turquoise for your next desktop publishing or Web design project include light and dark shades of turquoise, aquamarine, cyan, and teal.

What Color is Chartreuse?
Named for French liqueurs, chartreuse is a yellow-green that ranges from the color of broccoli's stem or grass or a bright or dull shade of green-tinged yellow.

Red Colors

What is the meaning of red? While red generally signifies everything from love to anger, from power to danger, there are subtle differences in some of the varying shades of red. Do these red colors say what you intend? Explore the color symbolism of various shades of red.

What Color is Fuchsia?
Magenta by any other name would be Fuchsia...

Medium Blue - The Many Hues of the Midtones of the Color Blue

The color blue is a favorite of both men and women but blue covers a lot of cool colors. These middle of the road shades of blue aren't dark like navy or pale like powder blue. These are the medium azure, sky blue, and royal shades of blue.

Best Colors for Wedding Invitations
You can use any colors you want for your wedding invitations but if you want to stick with traditional or romantic color choices, try these.

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