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Make an Easy 3D Greeting Card

Use Pop-Up Foam Squares to Give a Computer Printed Card a 3D Look


While some photographs have a 3D look to them, you can really make them pop off the page by printing it twice and layering the two photos on top of each other. Create a crafty 3D photo card using these instructions and your own choice of photograph plus little bits of foam.

1. Create a Greeting Card in Your Software Program

Create a photo greeting card in the software of your choice.
© J. Howard Bear
Create a greeting card using your favorite software.

This card is created in Serif DrawPlus 4.0 -- a free download from FreeSerifSoftware.

Choose a vertical, side fold card layout. Place a photograph on the card so it fills the entire front of the card. The Santa Christmas ornament photo is from Hemera's The Big Box of Art 410,000. Print out your card on photo paper or photo greeting card paper. Trim if necessary.

Print a second copy of the photo. You could print on the same type of paper or on something different. Try printing the card on satin or matte finish paper and the second photo on glossy paper. To save ink, crop out all but the portion of the photo you plan to use for the 3D effect -- in this case the Santa ornament.

2. Cut Out Your 3D Photo Elements

Cut out the pop-up elements.
© J. Howard Bear
Carefully cut out the Santa ornament using scissors or a craft knife. Although this card is done with a single pop-up element, you could do two or more portions of the photo.

3. Apply Foam Squares to the Back of the Cut-Out

Attach foam squares to cut-out.
© J. Howard Bear
Attach several Scotch brand Pop-Up Foam Squares (1/8" thick in this example) or other brand of foam to the back of the cut-out figure. The pre-cut foam squares are easy to use and already have adhesive on them.

As an alternative, you could cut a shape that matches your cut-out from ordinary craft foam -- it comes in many colors.

4. Attach Cut-Out to Photo Card

Attach cut-out to photo card.
© J. Howard Bear
Carefully place the cut-out over the matching portion of the photo greeting card.

Inset of photo shows a side view of the 3D Santa.

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