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Test Your Knowledge of Mass and Size
Self-Test Assignment

This assignment consists of 10 fill-in-the-blank questions on mass and size measurements (including image resolution). Even though it looks simple, this is one of the more involved Assignments to date and you may have to refer back to already reviewed material or do a little research to come up with some of the answers.
  1. Mass includes the physical dimensions of __________, __________, __________, and, __________.
  2. A standard letter size A4 piece of paper is _____ by _____ inches.
  3. The same picture displayed on a low resolution monitor looks __________ than it does on a higher resolution monitor.
  4. Type is typically measured in __________.
  5. Of SPI, PPI, DPI, and LPI, the measure of resolution that properly refers to display resolution and the size at which an image displays on-screen is __________.
  6. In addition to inches, millimeters, picas, and pixels, two measurement systems found in many desktop publishing programs are __________ and __________. (Do the 4th exercise listed in Lesson 2 to find some of these methods of measuring size.)
  7. The use of __________ and __________, two Principles of Design, are ways of using or altering the visual or perceived mass of a piece. (Not explicitly spelled out, these answers can be found in or inferred from material in Lesson 1.)
  8. Basic or basis size is used to determine the _____ _____ for a ream of paper. (Remember the Glossary entries from the Paper Sizes material? That's where you'll find this information.)
  9. To answer 9 & 10: Go back to the design sample that you originally used in the assignment for Class 1 Introduction to the Elements of Design. Reread what you wrote (or didn't write) about the use of the element of MASS in that piece. Based on what you've learned in Lesson 1 and 2 of Class 4 complete the last two questions.

  10. The physical dimensions* of this piece are: _____________ (unfolded) and ___________ (folded, if applicable).

    *In the case of multi-page items like booklets, give the dimensions of a single page and the approximate thickness (depth) of the piece.
    Use inches or millimeters to express size.
  11. Of the four ways to use mass found in Lesson 1 (accommodate information, content; accommodate normal size restraints or expectations; convey a mood or provide emphasis; and, create contrast) the one that most applies to the use of mass in this piece is ____________________.

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