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KidzArt IV

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The first thing you may notice about these graphics is they are all the same basic image. Several years ago I took a drawing my son Garret did in art class -- done with colored chalk -- and recreated it first in a draw program then in a paint program (this was back before I had a color scanner!). The images on this page are manipulations of that original image. Some of the specific special effects include psychedelic, emboss, noise, blur, and a variety of color transformations.

original paint image in jpeg format

Here's the basic image [sonsun_1.jpg width=377 height=358] that was resized and manipulated to create everything else on this page.
Another [sonsun_2.jpg width=189 height=178] version.
Here's a larger embossed version [sonsun_emboss.jpg width 373 height 354].

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Terms of Usage: These images are provided free for your personal use (print or Web) or for use on a commercial Web page. However, they may not be redistributed or sold, individually or as a package. I would be grateful for a link back to this site [http://desktoppub.about.com/] if you do use the images on a personal Web page. Use on a commercial Web site does require a credit line/link somewhere on the site such as: [Images courtesy of Jacci Howard Bear, Desktop Publishing at About.com, http://desktoppub.about.com].

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