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Save or Download Clip Art Off the Web


Many times you will want to download clip art images off a Web site to use on your own site or in print projects. It's fairly easy to grab individual clip art images off of a Web page.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: NA

Here's How:

  1. When you see a clip art image that you like, check to see if it is OK to use the image. Look for a usage or licensing statement that says whether or not it is OK to take the image and how you can use it.

  2. Put you mouse pointer over the clip art image and right-click (Windows) or click-and-hold (Mac).

  3. Clip art that can't be displayed in browsers will usually be presented with a link to the image. Right-click (Windows) or click-and-hold (Mac) the link.

  4. A pop-up window will offer several options including something like "Save Image As..." or "Save Picture As..." depending on your browser. For links, it will be "Save Target As..."

  5. Choose the Save option, renaming the image if you want, to download clip art to a directory on your hard drive.


  1. AOL users must disable the "compressed images" option by going to My AOL | Preferences | WWW | Web Graphics and making sure that "Use compressed graphics" is NOT checked.

  2. If the usage statement on the site says "Personal use only" it means you cannot use that clip art to promote a business or sell things.

  3. If used on a Web site, some clip art creators require that you provide a link back to their site. Even if not required, it's a nice thing to do.
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