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Name Your Design Business

Choose and register your company name


Choosing a business name can be fun and frustrating. To do it right you need to pick a name that you can live with for a long time, reflects the nature of your business, and isn't already being used by the business down the street. There are many types of names such as made-up names, suggestive names, and names that have no relationship to the business.

Tips and Ideas for Business Names
While there are no hard and fast rules for naming your business, here are some tips, tricks, and creative ideas* to help you develop a business name.

  • Use your own name or some variation:
    Tom Johnson & Associates | Deb's Desktop Designs

    Pros: Unless you change your name, it rarely becomes obsolete; in the first example, it may make your business "sound big"; in the second example, it may give your business that personal touch.
    Cons: In the first example, the type of business isn't clear; in the second example, the business name may be "too cute" or may peg you and your business as a "one-person home-based hobby-job" which might make some potential clients wary of doing business with you.


  • Use a connection to your location (city, neighborhood, etc.):
    Loop 52 Desktop Publishing | Daimler City DTP & Graphics

    Pros: It can provide a positive name association for those familiar with the location in the name or indicate a specific neighborhood for customers looking for something in the vicinity.
    Cons: What if you move? The name may have no significance to customers new to the area or to long distance customers.


  • Use a reference to what you do, your type of business:
    Pixels on Paper | Art for You | Jefferson Desktop Publishing

    Pros: Identifies your type of business or specialty.
    Cons: Terms like Art, Graphics, Designs, and even Desktop Publishing can have different meanings; Pixels on Paper sounds nice, but customers who aren't graphics-savvy might be left scratching their heads; Art for You could be a graphic design firm or a retail business selling framed prints or a commercial artist who paints the sides of buildings.

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*The names used as examples are not intended to represent actual businesses. Any similarity to actual persons or businesses is purely coincidental.

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