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Turquoise Color Meanings

Refreshing and Sophisticated


Turquoise color meanings

Some of the many faces of the color turquoise. | Image by Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com

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Medium Turquoise

Medium Turquoise

Pale Turquoise

Pale Turquoise

A mix of blue and green, turquoise has a sweet feminine feel while the darker teal shades add lively sophistication.

These words are synonymous with turquoise or represent various shades of the color turquoise: aqua, aquamarine, beryl, blue-green, cerulean, teal, ultramarine.

Nature and Culture of Turquoise:

A blend of blue and green, shades of turquoise have the same calming effects of those colors.

This in-between color represents water, thus the names aqua and aquamarine. It's also a valuable and popular mineral often turned into jewelry. Turquoise is closely associated with the Middle East and the American Southwest.

Awareness ribbons that use turquoise include:

  • Various diseases and conditions such as: Cervical Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Gynecological Cancer, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Myasthenia Gravis, Agoraphobia, Tourette Syndrome and Uterine Cancer
  • Sexual Assault

​Other Awareness Ribbon Colors.

Using Turquoise:

Create feminine appeal with the lighter shades of turquoise. Some shades of turquoise have an old-fashioned 50s and 60s retro feel. Teal has a darker, somewhat more sophisticated look. Like the mineral, turquoise shades range from almost sky blue to deep greenish blues.

Using Turquoise with Other Colors:

Keep the soft, feminine qualities going by mixing turquoise with lavender and pale pinks. A bright turquoise and pink create a sparkly clean, retro look. Make it art deco by pairing turquoise with white and black. Turquoise with gray or silver as well as terra cotta and light browns have a Southwestern (U.S.) flavor. Turquoise with orange or yellow creates a fresh, sporty look.

Turquoise Color Palettes:

These color palettes feature shades of green including turquoise and teal.

Explore some of the many faces of turquoise through these color swatches:



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