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Readers Respond: How To Do Desktop Publishing With Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word is word processing software, not desktop publishing or page layout software. But in addition to business letters, school reports, office memos, and resumes many people use Word to design and print other types of documents that were once primarily created by graphic designers using desktop publishing software. Sometimes it's by choice. For others, it's what the job or client requires. Do you do newsletters, brochures, calendars, business cards, business forms, fliers, or certificates in Word? Tell us about those projects. Share tips on how to get the most from the design features in Word. Give advice on getting your Word documents printed commericially.
Responses that contribute little more than "don't use Word" will not be published. Responses that ridicule those using Word for tasks beyond word processing will not be published. This form is only for the discussion of ways that readers are using Word for more than word processing. The shortcomings of Microsoft Word used for desktop publishing is covered elsewhere on this site. Thank you.

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