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Readers Respond: How Do You Share Microsoft Publisher Files?

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Using a different version of Publisher, creating EPS, PRN, or HTML Files, and converting to PDF are the ways I've listed for sharing files created with Microsoft Publisher. Do you have other file-sharing methods or tricks you've used successfully when faced with needing to open a Microsoft Publisher file and not having the program? Have you found a program that will allow you to view a .Pub file?

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Converting .pub files, or any file

Any file can be converted @ http://www.zamzar.com I had no problem converting .pub to pdf on this site.
—Guest Stephen

open publisher files

instruct creator to resend in different file format.
—Guest bubbajoe

zamzar perfect for ".pub" to".pdf"!

Just struggled for ages with reading a ".pub" brochure ... until I found this site and Zamzar. Just loaded it there, and a perfect "pdf" came back about a minute later! Thank you, everyone!
—Guest peasmould

Zamzar - Yes, Yes, Yes

Thank you Kelly F. for recommending Zamzar! Other comments here offer scorn for people who use MS PUB anyway. Some of us are *receiving* MS PUB files from clients & must deal with those files. Save your scorn for yourself, please.
—Guest BrightSky9

Open Publisher Files in InDesign

For those looking for ways to open Publisher files for sharing, here are some solutions: You can open Microsoft Publisher DTP files for content search and digital publishing by using Markzware PageZephyr (desktop search software for desktop publishing). You can also open Publisher files within Adobe InDesign, using Pub2ID (Publisher to InDesign data conversion software). The markzware.com site has a lot of helpful information and there are how-to video tutorials to walk you through it at MarkzwareTV on YouTube.
—Guest DTPrFan

Opening Publisher Files without Publishe

It is possible to view, search, edit and extract content from Publisher Files without Publisher with Markzware PageZephyr. PageZephyr is a stand alone application available for the Macintosh. There is a free demo available at: http://markzware.com/products/pagezephyr/pagezephyr-demo/

Another software u can use, LibreOffice

I just tried to open a .pub file using LibreOffice and it opens up in LibreOffice Draw. So basically we can use LibreOffice to open ms publisher files. I doubt, however that the formatting would be identical to original. I just needed to read the contents, in this case, so that doesn't matter much to me.
—Guest adlius

zamzar hint so cool

zamzar.com entry is the best. if you can't open .pub then you can't save convert etc. for a reader/receiver the best [Guide Note: Zamar is a free online conversion site... send file, pick a format to receive it in, the converted file will be emailed back to you... I have not personally tried the service but it says it can convert .pub files to .doc, html, txt, pdf, ps, and a few other formats]
—Guest klegstrong

Don't use publisher in the first place

Or Illustrator or the iLife products. Why would any sane person use a proprietary format in the first place? Especially if one expects the document to be modified at some point by a third party. You've just compelled them, very selfishly, to go out and buy something they probably don't need in the first place.


I use CorelDraw to read pub documents. I can also convert them into a PDF document with CorelDraw. I think it's rather stupid to send a non standard document to the people. It's better to convert a pub document into a PDF document.
—Guest cynthia

these solutions [not good]

the trouble with all of the replies here is that no one seems to comprehend that in reality few people use PUB files. So when some [person] sends out a pub file as an attachment to a client (me) who receives it after hours, the recipient is stuck, for a time. The sender happily goes about their day thinking they've done well...WRONG! Does anyone think anymore to ASK if the client can read the document? Hmm? [What] is wrong with a straight pdf (world standard!!!!!)????? [x] [edited by Guide for rude/inappropriate language... however, the basic premise of this comment is sound and worth publishing]
—Guest angry idiot

Zamzar was so easy

I tried Zamzar.com to convert a publisher file to a pdf. It took about 2 minutes to choose the file and other options and to watch the software work. A link is than emailed to you so that you can save the file. I was very glad that I didn't have to download any software.
—Guest Kelly F

Saving .pub files in another format

I have been successful with saving .pub files as a picture format. Choose Save As from the File Menu. Then at the bottom, open the 'Save as Type' drop down, choose .jpeg, .gif or the one I like best is .png (portable network graphic). At the left, choose Pictures under Libraries and give the file a name or leave it what it is because when saved this way, it will have a new extension for your file. If you have a lot of pictures on your computer you may want to create a separate folder just for these files so you will know where it is when you want to attach it to an email.

pub file

need to a pub file converter or someway to open one adobe
—Guest greg

Try this

www.uniflip.com and get the documents online - You can even convert PowerPoint, PDF and it's an online web service.
—Guest kimr

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How Do You Share Microsoft Publisher Files?

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