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Readers Respond: Cold Calling Tips and Stories

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Does cold calling work for you as a way to find potential clients? Do you do your cold calling by phone or in person? Share your tips for success or your stories about cold calling gone horribly wrong while marketing your graphic design, desktop publishing, or Web design business.

Research First

I don't cold call until I've done some research first. I learn alittle bit about a company, its products, and try to get copies of any business cards or brochures or ads or whatever other material will help me learn more about the company and maybe give me an idea of how I can help them. its not indepth but it helps to show some familiarity when approaching them. I use the phone to get a name that I can use then make a cold call in person. Can take time but I try to work it naturally into my schedule such as doing a few drop ins on downtown potential clients when I'm already going to be downtown for something else. It has worked out more than a few times and once I ran into a old high school friend when I showed up at one place!
—Guest belle1987
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