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Readers Respond: What Desktop Publishing / Graphics Software Combo Do You Use?

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Are you all about Adobe or do you use QuarkXPress for your layout needs? Do you like Serif PagePlus for layout but like to use the free GIMP for graphics? What page layout and graphics software combination is your favorite? If you do primarily Web design, which software do you prefer for creating Web pages and do you pair it with Photoshop or something else? No need to list every program you own, just tell us which one you use for most for print or Web design and which is your favorite for most graphics work.

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I like free, so I use Scribus. they have a bunch of free graphic design software at www.comparegraphicdesignsoftware.com if that helps
—Guest james


I'm surprised this all in one software isn't listed as it's a good mention for desktop publishing.
—Guest southpawami

Serif PagePlus all the way

PagePlus has come so far, it used to be a budget choice but now the low price can be disregarded when forming opinion about it, it's so well rounded it beats the others hands down. DTP + logo design + full PDF editing! + advanced word processing + photo editing + digital publishing including eBooks all in one, and with over 20 years of development in the making it is very polished. Strongly recommended!

Elements 7

I have been using Elements 7, [Photoshop] and Wacom tablet for 2 years. These are wonderful products that have given me the results I need for my ebooks and paperbacks. I highly recommend this software, along with Nuance PDF converter, which got me started on my original title, Five Golden Rings and a Diamond [Historic/romance] published through Sid Harta in 2004. I was able to access the contents and revise the document without paying for other specialist helps. I am still enjoying these 3 software jewels and now I just need a really good program to format epubs, which is my present passion.
—Guest marieseltenrych

Ventura Desktop Publishing

Hello, this is Louise again, Thank you for publishing my comment. I am writing this to you because I cannot comment on inDesign at this time. I'm learning it as we speak. But I would like to say something about Ventura Desktop Publishing. I am a computer teacher and since I started teaching MS Office on PC, I started using Word and Publisher. I can do DTP with this. I used to use PageMaker for a while and was very good at it, until it became obsolete. But the one I truly loved before Microsoft came out and became popular and "user friendly" was Ventura Desktop Publishing. I truly loved this one, I guess it was because I was being trained by a consultant at the United Nations while doing, when I started, and he was teaching me how NOT to get my newsletter done. This really challenged me, I had a one way line to every tech support or help line there was. I managed to get everything accomplished and it caused me to become proficient at it. I became so good at it until you tell me what ha
—Guest Louise

Pages + Photoshop CS5

Although I use several different desktop publishing software programs, I experimented with Pages and found it has a lot of photoshop features for graphics and its pretty easy to use. For publishing online I use iWeb, iMovie and Google Sites. or upload to YouTube. Now a days you can use almost anything.
—Guest Guest Louise

Abobe but...

I use the Adobe design suite, but only because I was able to purchase it with a student discount. I would never pay $2000 for the software. If I didn't have the opportunity to get the Adobe software at such a great price, I would have found some other free software.
—Guest Mike


I think corel draw,adobe photoshop & illustrator are softwares to use graphic design
—Guest vaibhav

Easy Flyer Creator 2.0

If you want to publish or print any thing on 8.5 X 11 Size paper then Easy Flyer Creator 2.0 should be best option, for you as it comes with alot of professional built in templates for various industries like Real Estate, Hotels, Travel, Entertainment, Events, Institutes etc. So if you are a new to computers and want to make professional or custom flyers, certificates, or brochures for a small business then Easy Flyer Creator should be the best choice.

Try Canvas

I'm a long term user of the Deneba Canvas (now owned by ACDsee) drawing program. It bill's itself as an "Engineering Drawing Program" so it's one of those "do everything" apps that has about 80% of the functionality of the entire adobe design suite, at a third of the cost (lets you vector draw/edit bit maps and much more). The best thing about it is that it "thinks" like an engineer, rather than like a graphic designer, which means it gets out of my way and lets me work. It translates images to and from a massive range of file formats, allowing me to pull pictures from cad/cam systems, add cartoons to them and ship them to an NC mill for cutting into metal if I want. I've generated roughly a gig and a half library of re-usable art for my employer with this tool, at a furious rate.
—Guest Map_makr


Scribus is very good free software from the Open Source movement. I have been producing a 24-page color monthly for several years with it. It works on most platforms, is available in more languages, and can accept input in a wide variety of formats. It has a good selection of fonts, and can use any good quality fonts. It can output to printer or PDF file. Updates come out frequently. There are no catches -- no ads, no privacy or security problems. I use it with Gimp, a free image program. A professional-level DTP program.

MS Publisher - Cheap, Effective, Easy!

Normally, I hate MS products, but the Publisher package has so much to recommend it that I just can't help myself. The built-in tutorial provides a boost over the learning curve, and the program is powerful, inexpensive, and versatile. Color separation & advanced publishing tools are available; the drawing tools are adequate; the layout is simple, intuitive, and bug-free. I have used Publisher for 16-page booklets, for logo design, for minimal CAD applications, and for newsletters. It hasn't let me down yet. Although I've migrated all of my other business applications to the Mac OS, there is nothing that I've seen yet in the Mac world that matches Publisher's combination of price, versatility, and ease-of-use. If you haven't looked at Publisher, you're doing yourself a real disservice!
—Guest Glenn


With multiple artboard support in illustrator CS4 I don't feel the need to use anything else for layout. I use photoshop for anything raster, and illustrator for vectors and layout.
—Guest Nathan

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Mostly I use Adobe photoshop to print & publish any type of designing. some time i import from adobe illustrator. but i am the creator in illustrator.
—Guest Mohamed Aslam

The Logo Creator is excellent

I note that my favorite software product: The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software isn't on the list. They have excellent logo templates and the software is really easy to use.
—Guest Jake Silvan
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