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Jacci's Work-in-Progress Creative Space

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By dtpublish

Jacci's Work-in-Progress Creative Space

Tiny glimpse of work-in-progress

Where I Work

Home office. My current space is a room that is approximately 14x12 feet. It serves as home office, art studio, homeschool classroom, and general projects room. (I have a table in the corner specifically for doing electronics related projects.)

How I Created This Space

Originally a bedroom, the space was my home office (with homemade built-in desks covering three walls) back in 1997. In later years the built-ins came out and it was divided into two spaces (carpentry is one of my hobby/skills) but more recently it was converted back to one space. Left in a state of disarray it's been a general junk room and storage area for art supplies for quite a while with my desk and computer just sort of crammed in here. It needs a complete overhaul (repainting at the very least!) but since time and money don't permit that at the moment, I've covered the walls in brown contractor's paper (which I can draw on, tear off, patch, etc. as the whim strikes me), moved in some shelving, put up new curtains, and started arranging my desk, tables, art supplies (many in plastic stacks of drawers), etc. There's much to be done still but it's functional.

Tips and Tricks

  • Decorate. Part of the reason I used my mobile office so much recently is that this room was so depressing. Once I got things cleared out enough to be functional (though not perfect by a long shot), I began decorating. For me that means putting up pictures, art projects, and even just hanging up random oddball stuff that I think is neat looking (others might consider it odd or even ugly but it pleases me to have lots of visual stimulation).

My Equipment (Computer, Printers, etc.)

HP computer, Envision monitor, LG TV/Monitor, Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, Monotronics graphics tablet, Canon Scanner/Printer, various other gadgets such as iPhone, digital camera, video camera, Sony ebook reader...

My Favorite Thing About This Space

Multipurpose. I like having a single place to indulge in most of my indoor hobbies and interests (including work).

My Least Favorite Thing About This Space

So many boxes still remaining to sort through!!!!! At some point it still needs a major overhaul (construction and painting, etc.)

Jacci Howard Bear, About.com Desktop Publishing, says:

Once I get things more presentable I'll post an updated version of this space.

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