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Square With Rounded Corners

Submit an Entry: Your Business Card

By daftks

Square With Rounded Corners

What Kind of Business Card I Have

Square rounded corners business card

2.5 x 2.5 "

Printed on Nouveau Paper with a smooth finish

209 gsm

For Scarlett Fu (myself)

Graphic Designer

as part of self-promotion

How I Created My Business Card

The business card's design is based on the logo I made for myself as part of self-promotion as a graphic designer, the card is created in relation to my Chinese culture.

In the (golden) olden days, instead of signing off documents or paintings, the Chinese used seals with their names carved onto it to sign off.

These seals were initially used as an imperial seal, whom the Emperor put his stamp of approval on documents. But its quick methods of signing off rather than with brush and ink, the seals' popularity soared, and would also minimise the chances of forgery on documents!

Using red as a colour in chinese culture denotes luck and prosperity, which was also the colour of most of the pigments used, whether it may be in ancient or modern China.

Please give it some appreciation here >> http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Business-Card-Scarlett-Fu/466494

What I'd Do Differently

  • * Create an even smaller version so that it would fit snuggly into generic wallets!
  • Possible letterpress/embossing methods of the logo on the front

The Software I Used and Why

Adobe Illustrator, because the files can be used on a larger scale as the default image types are vectorised, and files can also be exported into different varieties of types that can be accessed cross platform.

The Layout I Used and Why

Adobe Illustrator, because the files can be used on a larger scale as the default image types are vectorised.

The Paper and Printing Method I Used and Why

Nouveau paper 209 gsm with a Vellum finish. I got these printed digitally because graduation was coming up, and I needed some anyway when I meet new designers/potential clients. It took me awhile to find a place that provided cheap yet good quality business cards!

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