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Portrait Style Business Card from Mavencreation

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By Mavenravi

Portrait Style Business Card from Mavencreation

Mavencreation - Freelance Web Graphic and Logo Designer

Portrait Style Business Card from Mavencreation

Ravi Solanki - Mavencreation

What Kind of Business Card I Have

Hello there! I am Ravi Solanki - a freelance web graphic designer based at New Delhi(India). I have a Business card which projects my work. It consist of 4 colors. It is simple, clean card with a vector art. It has my Name, Contact, Company Name and What I am. This time I choose portrait style for my card.

Size of the card is (in cms) : 5.3 X 8.6

How I Created My Business Card

I used Adobe Illustrator CS4 for designing my card. My previous cards were in landscape style but this time I used Portrait style. Card has an image of "pencils in stand" which i have converted into Vector, So that I could get a high quality print.

It contains 2 different fonts. One is Jellyka and another one is Georgia Italics.

Isn't it Pretty huh?

If you liked or even if disliked my card, please send me your valuable comments directly at: feathers2050@gmail.com

What I'd Do Differently

  • I think , Next time I'll do a li'l bit change only. I will add my office address and make this card a two-sided. Adding more stuff will make my card cluttered.

The Software I Used and Why

Adobe Illustrator CS4

The Layout I Used and Why

This time I chose a Portrait layout instead of landscape because my earlier designs were landscaped.

The Fonts and/or Images I Used and Why

Georgia Italics for Name , Designation, contact info and Jellyka_Estrya_Handwriting for logo. I used a spot behind my logo.

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