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Mini Cards Made in Illustrator

Submit an Entry: Your Business Card

By tkeys

Mini Cards Made in Illustrator

The front sides of the mini cards.

Mini Cards Made in Illustrator

The back of the mini cards.

What Kind of Business Card I Have

I have 2 sided "mini cards". There are 5 different images for the fronts and one image for the back (the contact info.) I thought these would work really well for me because I am just starting out in graphic design and wanted more of a "contact" card than a full business card.

How I Created My Business Card

I used Illustrator and Photoshop to create my cards. I decided to take advantage of the fact that I could have multiple images printed on the front side. So, I came up with the theme of "lucky" symbols.

I created a few symbols in Illustrator and laid everything out in Photoshop.

What I'd Do Differently

  • I would design even more different cards - you can do up to 100 different ones if you want !

The Software I Used and Why

Illustrator - for the ease of creating vector shapes.

Photoshop - for the ease of laying out the cards.

The Layout I Used and Why

I used horizontal layout for most cards, and for one I used a vertical layout, I thought it would stand out more.

The Fonts and/or Images I Used and Why

I used images of traditionally "lucky" symbols. Elephants, birds, tigers, ladybugs, stars ... because I need all the luck I can get !

The fonts are Helvetica and Moderna because I wanted to keep it really clean and simple.

The Paper and Printing Method I Used and Why

I used moo.com because I really wanted something different and their "mini cards" were perfect ! They are a very thick card stock, with a very unique "smooth" feel.

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